WSH -- Visitor Information

General Information for Visitors

Visits and communication with family members and significant others is encouraged as it plays an important role in treatment. Visiting hours may vary with each program, but generally are from 9 am to 9 pm daily. Please ask about any visiting restrictions that may apply individually to each patient when you call (253) 582-8900.

The majority of patients are involved in active treatment activities during the hours of 9-11 am and 1-3 pm. It is recommended that guests refrain from visiting during those hours. Visitors may call ahead to schedule a time to meet with the patient's treatment team and/or to participate in the patient's treatment conference. This would first have to be authorized by the patient. All guests must sign in at the nurse's station on the treatment unit they are visiting.

Due to privacy and confidentiality laws, cameras are not allowed on the campus of Western State Hospital. Also, it is a federal offense to bring any type of weapon or illegal drugs onto the hospital grounds.

Center for Forensic Services (CFS) Visitor Information

Western State Hospital encourages visits of patients in the Center for Forensic Services (CFS) by family and friends.  However, because of the building’s high security needs, there is an extensive process that must be completed prior to any visitation.  Please contact the patient’s primary therapist or the treatment unit social worker for more information.  Below are some general rules for visitation within CFS:

  • All visits with patients residing in the Center for Forensic Services must be arranged with the patient’s primary therapist. 
  • All visits are pre-arranged for a specific date and time.  Visitation can only occur during that time.
  • All visitors must be screened by hospital staff, by completing a screening form, prior to the visit. 
  • Before entering the secure CFS building, all visitors will be searched for weapons or any other contraband.
  • All items being brought in during the visit must be pre-approved by the primary therapist.
  • Minors are only allowed to visit with CFS patients who have reached a higher level of independence.
  • All purses, cell phones, jackets, hoodies, tobacco products and lighters must be either stored in the visitors car or in a locker outside of CFS. They are not allowed in the building.
  • If CFS Security suspects that illegal contraband (e.g., drugs or alcohol) is brought into a visit, Lakewood Police Department would be immediately called.  Failure to follow visitation rules may result in the temporary or permanent suspension of visits.

Conditions for Treatment Unit Visits

  • The treatment team must ensure there is ample staffing and space to accommodate the visit on the treatment unit.
  • No food or beverages are to be consumed during the visit, nor are minors allowed on the treatment unit. Visitors may bring pre-approved items to give to the patient, which can include non-perishable/factory sealed food items that are to be stored in the patient’s snack locker. Complete descriptions of any exception and any items to be given to the patient must be specifically identified in the comment section and be approved by the treatment unit coordinator and when required by the unit manager.
  • Visitors may use the interview room or other locations on the treatment unit that does not interfere with the other patient’s day-to-day activities. (Group/TV rooms may not be used for visiting at any time.)
  • Visitors are not allowed in any patient room, shower area or patient bathrooms, nor may they eat patient food provided by the treatment unit or hospital. Visitors may not go to the exercise yard at any time with the patient.
  • Visitors must use the staff bathroom and must be monitored by staff, when in the staff only area.
  • Unless it has been pre-approved on the visiting form by the treatment team, visitors are to have only courtesy communications with other patients on the treatment unit and are prohibited from either receiving or giving anything to any patient, except the patient they are visiting.


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