Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) Program


The Developmental Disabilities Administration - DDA administers PASRR, a federally mandated program, for individuals with intellectual disabilities or related conditions (ID/RC) who have been referred for nursing facility (NF) care.  The Behavioral Health Administration - BHA) administers PASRR for people with serious mental illness (SMI).  The BHA PASRR website can be found at

Every individual referred for care in a Medicaid licensed NF is required to have a PASRR Level I screening performed by the professional making the referral (usually a doctor, registered nurse practitioner, or hospital social worker).  The Level I screening looks for indicators that a person may have an intellectual disability or related condition, or a serious mental illness.  If indicators are found, the individual will be referred to DDA for a PASRR Level II assessment.

The Level II assessment performed by DDA has three functions:

  • To determine whether the individual has ID/RC;
  • To help determine the best setting to meet the person’s needs; and
  • If NF care is needed, the Level II may make recommendations about specialized services needed because of the person’s ID/RC.

Contact Info

PASRR DDA Regional Contacts:  A list of contact information for DDA PASRR staff


The PASRR Level I Form has had some revisions. This webinar will provide updates specifically to nursing facilities and hospitals, but any interested party is invited to participate. Staff new to the PASRR process are encouraged to register. CEU is being provided through LeadingAge Washington.  Interested parties should register for one of the sessions listed below.  After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.


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