Awareness and Etiquette Training

Employee awareness training on disability related topics is an important service designed to help employers achieve a productive work force that includes people with disabilities. DVR offers employers disability awareness training to explore misconceptions and learn best practices for interviewing, accommodating, communicating, and working with people with disabilities. Some of the areas DVR staff has expertise to train on include:

  • medical aspects of disability
  • strategies for adjusting to disability
  • demographics of people with disabilities
  • state/federal laws concerning independence and employment of people with disabilities
  • assistive technology
  • conducting pre-employment inquires
  • identifying essential job functions
  • community services and support systems
  • reasonable accommodation process
  • customized or supported employment
  • language and etiquette
  • disability myths
  • customer service
  • creating accessible work sites for employees

For more information, email the Business Services Team or contact a DVR Office nearest to your place of employment.