The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation partners closely with many other programs and organizations to serve DVR customers.

Helping People with Disabilities

With offices statewide, DVR has been a partner with Washington’s communities for over 80 years. As a division of the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), DVR is designed to help meet the employment needs of individuals with disabilities. This page provides links to the many federal, state and community programs that DVR partners with to assist job seekers with disabilities.

Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA)

DVR Partnerships

Individualized Services

The services each DVR customer receives are based on the unique needs of the individual and are designed to eliminate or reduce the barriers to employment being created by the individual’s disability. It is important that an individual be able to actively participate in the rehabilitation process and the disability be as stable as possible.

A Team of Professionals

DVR counselors work closely with customers throughout the rehabilitation process. We welcome the involvement of family, friends, advocates and other social supports and programs that will contribute to a successful outcome. Partnering improves communication and coordination of our unique services for the individual. We appreciate your referrals and we encourage you to contact the DVR office nearest to you for a visit or to have us come and give a presentation about DVR services.