Applicant Resources

Starting a Background Check

Check out our Background Check Application Guide. This tri-fold applicant brochure covers instructions on completing the online Background Check Authorization Form, scheduling a fingerprint appointment, and getting your results by email.

Online Background Check Authorization Form Guide (12/2020) - Instructions for applicants when completing the online Background Check Authorization form.  Applicants do not need a SAW account to complete the online form.


Additional Information Packets

BCCU may ask for more information before completing a background check which may include an Applicant Affidavit Form.  This can happen when BCCU cannot accurately determine a result from the criminal history information that is provided to us.  View our YouTube tutorial below on completing an Additional Information request. 


Consumer Direct Care Network Washington (CDWA) Guide

Consumer Direct Care Network Washington (CDWA) is the Consumer Directed Employer (CDE) for DSHS and employs Individual Providers who provide in-home personal care.  Our CDWA Individual Provider/Caregiver Background Check Guide covers the background check process for CDWA Individual Providers.

Please note that the Background Check Central Unit (BCCU) is NOT part of Consumer Direct Care Network Washington (CDWA), so we cannot assist with anything within the DirectMyCare Portal; including (but not limited to) logging hours, payments, updating background check expiration dates, etc.


Our Fingerprinting Fact Sheet reviews common causes of low-qualify fingerprints and tips for improving fingerprint quality.