Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to DSHS Services and Enterprise Support Administration's Frequently Asked Questions for DSHS Procurements.

DSHS will not be liable for any costs incurred by the Bidder in preparation of a proposal or in presenting a proposal for any procurement.

DSHS announces procurement opportunities on the Washington Electronic Business Solution (WEBS) online system. The same information is posted on the Procurements page. Please follow the instructions in the announcement.

The words procurement and solicitation generally refer to the same process of inviting companies to bid on opportunities to provide goods and services to DSHS. The actual document outlining the goods and services may be called any of the following: Procurement, Solicitation, Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Quotation (RFQ), Request for Qualifications and Quotation (RFQQ), or Request for Information (RFI), depending on the purpose of the procurement.

The document that is sent by the bidder to DSHS in response to a solicitation is called the bid, the response or the proposal.

Check this site frequently for updated information. It is the responsibility of the prospective bidder to be aware of any changes in the procurement schedule and updates to particular procurements. All of the information is posted on the DSHS web site. If you have specific questions about a particular procurement, please refer to the solicitation document for instructions.

The solicitation document and subsequent amendments contain all of the information and directions necessary to participate in the procurement process. Be sure to read the entire document. It is important to follow all of the directions and meet all deadlines.

The schedule for each procurement is located in the solicitation document. DSHS reserves the right to revise the schedule and will post notice of any such changes on WEBS and on the DSHS web site by issuing an amendment. 

Upon release of any solicitation document, all communications concerning the procurement must be directed only to the coordinator identified in the solicitation document. Any communication directed to DSHS staff other than the coordinator may result in disqualification.

Any oral communications will be considered unofficial and non-binding to DSHS. Bidders should rely only on written statements issued by the coordinator.

All questions should be in writing to the coordinator and may be sent through fax, U.S. mail or email. Questions will be accepted until the date set forth in the solicitation document schedule.

Questions and Answers will be in the form of an amendment to the solicitation document.

For general instructions on proposal delivery please see Proposal Delivery Methods. The proposal is to be sent to the coordinator in accordance with the delivery instructions specified in the solicitation document.

You should allow sufficient delivery time to ensure timely receipt by the coordinator. You assume the risk for the method of delivery and for any delay in the mailing or delivery of your proposal.

Proposals must be prepared and submitted no later than the proposal submission date and time specified in the particular solicitation document. DSHS reserves the right to disqualify any proposal and withdraw it from consideration if it is received after the proposal submission deadline. All proposals and any accompanying documentation become the property of DSHS and will not be returned.

Check the particular solicitation document for instructions on submitting your proposal.