Emergency Contract Notices


Listed below are any “Emergency” contracts that the Department has recently entered into. This information is posted pursuant to RCW 39.26.130 and associated policies published by the Department of Enterprise Services. Under RCW 39.26.125, the Department may make purchases in the event of an Emergency without conducting a formal competitive solicitation.

“Emergency” means a set of unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the agency that either: (a) present a real, immediate, and extreme threat to the proper performance of essential functions; or (b) may reasonably be expected to result in material loss or damage to property, bodily injury, or loss of life, if immediate action is not taken.

Emergency contracts will be posted here for the term of the contract, or 5 business days, whichever is greater.

If the listing below does not include a complete copy of the contract, you may contact the person indicated to request a complete copy.

Emergency Contract Notices:


Contract Number
Contract Purpose
To provide staff to nursing facilities with the intent to increase capacity for discharge from hospitals in order to free up beds for patients with emergent needs.
Contact Name
Amy Seiberlich
Contact Email
Contact Phone
(360) 664-6076
Contract Term
Contract Maximum
Emergency Purchase Notice Document
2074-97921-07 - Medefis Emergency Purchase Legal Notice; January 21, 2022
Additional Documents
2074-97921-07 - Medefis Agreement Amendment Number 7; January 21,2022
2074-97921 - Medefis Vendor Management Agreement dated 11-24-2020