Aboriginal Rights Handbook

  1. United League of Indigenous Nations Treaty (draft)
  2. Since Time Immemorial
  3. Aboriginal Law and Legislation
  4. Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties
  5. Cornell University Law School – International Law (Wex)
  6. Indigenous Law Bulletin – Common Law Aboriginal Knowledge
  7. Ancient Law by Henry Maine (The Avalon Project-Yale)
  8. Indigenous Environmental Network
  9. Indigenous Knowledge for Development Results
  10. Indigenous Peoples Council on Biocolonialism
  11. Aboriginal Canada Portal:  International
  12. Indigenous Bar Association
  13. Aboriginal Initiatives – Lakehead University (Ontario)
  14. Charter of the United Nations (Project DIANA – Yale))
  15. The Covenant of the League of Nations (Avalon Project – Yale)
  16. United Nation’s Treaty Handbook (Table of Contents)
  17. United Nations Documents (Project DIANA – Yale)
  18. United Nation’s Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues
  19. Indigenous Statement of Principles for the World Conference Against Racism
  20. Databases & E-Resources (Library of Congress)
  21. Ocean and Law of the Sea – United Nations
  22. UN Treaty on Principles of Exploration and Use of Outer Space (Avalon Project – Yale)
  23. U.S. Department of State – Treaty on Principles of Outer Space
  24. U.N. Declaration on Social Progress and Development (Project DIANA – Yale)
  25. Indians of North Americans (Library of Congress)
  26. Charter of the Organization of American States
  27. U.S. States and Territories (Library of Congress)
  28. Treaties (Library of Congress)
  29. Nations of the World (Library of Congress)
  30. Defining Aboriginal Title in the 90’s: Has the Supreme Court Finally Got it Right? (Kent McNeil)
  31. Miscellaneous