Washington State Tribes

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Washington State RAIOs


American Indian Community Center

“The American Indian Community Center strives on helping our clients with daily basic needs of food, shelter, and safety is a priority of our team. AICC has been a partner of Second Harvest food bank for over 40 years. We distribute from our AICC Food Bank: produce, bread, and a variety of pantry goods. We serve all the greater Spokane area at our Food Bank regardless if you’re a client of the Center or not. Our goal is to feed our families and neighbors.”


Chief Seattle Club

“Chief Seattle Club is a 501(c)(3) registered organization dedicated to physically and spiritually supporting American Indian and Alaska Native people. At our Day Center in the Pioneer Square district of downtown Seattle, we provide food, primary health care, housing assistance, legal services, a Native art job training program, and opportunities for members to engage in cultural community-building.”


N.A.T.I.V.E Project

“The NATIVE Project provides medical, dental, behavioral health, pharmacy, patient care coordination, wellness, and prevention services for both Natives and Non-Natives in the Spokane community. The NATIVE Project operates one health facility located in Spokane’s West Central neighborhood. Fifty-eight percent of our patients are American Indian or Alaska Native. We serve Natives from over 300 different tribes.”


Seattle Indian Health Board

“Seattle Indian Health Board is a community health center that provides health and human services to its patients, while specializing in the care of Native people. We are recognized as a leader in the promotion of health improvement for urban American Indians and Alaska Natives, locally and nationally.”


Small Tribes of Western Washington

Small Tribes of Western Washington administers several programs which benefit native communities, including the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations, Emergency Food Assistance Program, and Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.


South Puget Intertribal Planning Agency

“In 1976, these Tribal leaders from the South Puget Sound region had the remarkable vision to join together to create SPIPA (South Puget Intertribal Planning Agency). The original mission of SPIPA, as set forth by the founders: Mel Youckton (Chehalis), Zelma McCloud (Nisqually), Bill Smith (Skokomish), and Cal Peters (Squaxin Island, 1927-2011) was to "study, prepare, and recommend comprehensive Tribal plans; to aid in providing financial and technical assistance to participating Tribal communities; and to otherwise assist in such planning and development as may seem appropriate to promote the general welfare of participating Tribes."”


United Indians of All Tribes Foundation 

“Our mission is to provide educational, cultural and social services that reconnect Indigenous people in the Puget Sound region to their heritage by strengthening their sense of belonging and significance as Native people.”


DSHS Headquarters Tribal Liaisons

Aging & Long-Term Support Administration - ALTSA

Tamara Gaston, Tribal Initiative Project Manager
Phone: 360.725.3489

Behavioral Health Administration - BHA

Marie Natrall-Ackles, Tribal Affairs Administrator
Phone: 360.790.0950

Deaf and Hard of Hearing - ODHH

Suzanne Mannella, Program Manager
Phone: 360.915.5816 TTY

Developmental Disabilities Administration - DDA

Marco TanSocial and Health Program Consultant
Phone: 360.890.2208

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation - DVR

Christelle Arnett, Tribal Relations Administrator
Phone: 360.763.2373 

Economic Services Administration - ESA

Brady Rossnagle, Statewide Tribal Relations Administrator
Phone: 360.725.4661
Mary Anderson, CSD Tribal Relations Program Administrator
Phone: (O) 360.651.6845 (M) 360.628.6442
Chris Franks, DCS Senior Manager of Tribal Relations
Phone: 360.664.5031

State Agency Tribal Liaisons

Governor's Office of Indian Affairs (GOIA)

Craig Bill, Executive Director

Phone: 360.902.8826


Mystique Hurtado, Executive Assistant

Phone: 360-902-8825



Department of Agriculture

Evan Sheffels, Executive Director

Phone: 360.902.1918



Department of Archaeology and Historical Preservation

Allyson Brooks, State Historic Preservation Officer

Phone: 360.586.3066



Department of Children, Youth, and Families

Tleena Ives, Director of Tribal Relations

Phone: (360) 999-0077


Robert "Bob" Smith, ICW Program Manager

Phone: (360) 688-3090


Brian Frisina, Tribal Program Consultant

Phone: 360.902.5421



Department of Commerce

Ernie Rasmussen, Digital Equity Manager

Phone: 360.764.3182



Department of Corrections

Nancy Dufraine, Director of Tribal Relations

Phone: 360.725.8868



Department of Ecology

Tyson Oreiro

Phone: 360.407.7017



Department of Enterprise Services

Ann Larson, Government Relations Manager

Phone: 360.407.8275



Department of Fish and Wildlife

James "Jim" Woods, Director of Tribal Affairs

Phone: 360.902.2202



Department of Health

Tamara Fife, Agency Tribal Relations Director

Phone: 360.870.8903



Department of Labor and Industries

Uriel Iniguez, Director of Community Relations

Phone: 360.902.5411



Department of Licensing

Beau Perschbacher, Policy and Legislative Director

Phone: 360.902.3609



Department of Natural Resources

Glenda Breiler, Director of Tribal Relations

Phone: (O) 360.902.1012 (M): 360-701-3482



Department of Revenue

Daniel Knudsen, Tribal Liaison

Phone: 360.534.1573



Department of Veterans Affairs

Steven Gill, Veteran’s Services Administrator

Phone: 360.725.2235


Employment Security Department

Ashlee Delaney, Government Relations Manager

Phone: 253.365.5329



Health Care Authority

Jessie Dean, Tribal Affairs Administrator

Phone: 360.725.1649


Lucille Mendoza, Tribal Behavioral Health Administrator

Phone: 360.725.1834


Lena Nachand, Tribal Liaison

Phone: 360.725.1386



Military Department

Nancy Bickford, Intergovernmental Affairs and Policy Director

Phone: 253.512.7712



Office of the Attorney General

Asa Washines

Phone: 360.878.0664



Office of the Insurance Commissioner

Todd Dixon, Deputy Commissioner

Phone: 360.725.7262



Puget Sound Partnership

Lea Anne Burke, Tribal Liaison

Phone: 360.628.7532



Results Washington (Office of the Governor)

Christy Bezanson, Director

Phone: 360.280.3662


State Conservation Commission

Ron Shultz

Phone: 360.407.7507



State Gambling Commission

Julie Lies, Tribal Liaison

Phone: 360.486.3586



State Parks and Recreation Commission

Owen Rowe, Policy and Government Affairs Director

Phone: 360.902.8504



Traffic Safety Commission

Erika Mascorro, Program Manager

Phone: 360.725.9882



Utilities and Transportation Commission

Amanda Maxwell, Executive Director/Secretary

Phone: 360.664.1110



Washington Technology Solutions

Derek Puckett, Legislative Affairs Director

Phone: 360.407.7989, 360.464.0522



Washington's Lottery

Joshua Johnston, Deputy Director

Phone: 360.810.2878