Advocacy and Community Relations

Latest News:

Effective June 1, 2023, the Office of the Secretary’s Constituent Services and SCC Advocacy has become “Advocacy and Community Relations.”

What We Do:

The Advocacy and Community Relations team, within the Office of Justice and Civil Rights, is dedicated to creating transparent, timely, and equitable access to services provided by the Department of Social and Health Services. Using a person-centered approach, we strive to foster an environment where individuals feel valued and treated with dignity. Our core mission revolves around advocating for community members, recipients of DSHS services, and the dedicated individuals employed by the DSHS.

Special Commitment Center- Advocacy

  • Identifies systemic problems affecting the overall care, treatment, and control of the Special Commitment Center residents/detainees and works with DSHS and SCC staff and residents to find solutions to those problems.
  • Conducts unbiased evaluations to make sure that SCC follows the correct rules, laws, and legal decisions when it comes to taking care of the residents.
  • Helps mediate and find solutions to give residents equal opportunity to engage in their treatment programs.
  • Empowers residents to self-advocate.
  • Click here WAC 388-881-030 to read the SCC ombudsperson WAC.

Community Relations

  • Serves as a liaison between DSHS departments, constituents, and clients, ensuring that all complaints, questions, and concerns are appropriately addressed.
  • Advances DSHS's mission of "Transforming Lives" through the creation and execution of innovative strategies aimed at enhancing the client experience, including promptly responding to client/customer/public inquiries.
  • Provides the department with data-driven recommendations to improve access to DSHS services. Recommendations are developed based on the quantity and quality of public inquiries received.

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