Aging Summit

Governor Inslee's Aging Summit – October 2013

The Aging Summit 2013 will be a high level, interactive discussion hosted by the Governor and led by a professional facilitator. Invitees include approximately 100 people, including key cabinet officials, selected legislators, community leaders and issue experts from Washington State and beyond. The conversation will be a solution oriented exchange of ideas and outside-the-box thinking focused on state government initiatives. Participants will identify fiscally responsible strategies to prepare for and embrace this unprecedented demographic shift.

Purpose of the Aging Summit

  • Focus state policymakers and opinion leaders on the age wave on the horizon.
  • Explore strategic actions state government can take to create a more age friendly environment and reduce pressure on future state budgets.
  • Jump start the work of the legislative-executive Aging and Disability Committee.

Major topic areas of the Summit

  • Livable Communities: Today, approximately 15% of Washingtonians age 65+ no longer drive. In the future, new housing and transportation options will be essential to keep our older population mobile and engaged.
  • Financial Security: The "boomers" are woefully unprepared for retirement. A recent AARP survey found that 25% have saved less than $25,000, putting them at risk of poverty in their retirement and straining the capacity of our state's safety net.
  • Health Care: As our population ages, so will the incidence of debilitating diseases and chronic health care conditions.
  • Long Term Services and Supports: Washington has been very successful in the move toward more cost effective and popular home and community based long term services and supports. Our next challenge is financing reform. Our state Medicaid program, the safety net for long term care, will not be able to sustain the rising demand in the future..

Who is attending the Aging Summit?  

The Governor will host this leadership summit on October 1st, 2013. This is an invite only event. Proceedings from the Summit will be posted on this web site following the event.