ODHH March Update Transcript

ODHH March 2024 Update: Upcoming Community Meetings, Events, and Recognition


March ALTSA Update

“Spring is the time of plans and projects” ~ Leo Tolstoy. This is certainly true for ODHH staff who have (LIST) many exciting things happening this spring.

In March We celebrate Women’s History Month. Washington state proudly boasts many women leaders who are founders, business owners, organizational experts, and activists. Read here to learn more about these leaders.

We continue to grow to serve you. We hired three new faces this month: please join ODHH in welcoming Administrative Assistant 3, Amanda Penny, Community Resources Program Manager, Jess Raschke and Kimberly McClurkan, Vancouver Case Manager.

Case Management services is hosting community meetings throughout the state to present information about ODHH case management services. We have had meetings in Spokane and Kennewick, and additional community meetings are scheduled for virtual or in-person sessions in through July. While we roll out Case Management services statewide, we continue to work with our community partners, WADHH and HSDC to find ways to expand services locally and statewide.

We continue to provide education and training to providers and community members.

The Hard of Hearing Consultation and Resources program (HHCR) provides routine sessions for both service providers and facility providers. These sessions provide best practices in working with people with hearing loss, the impacts of hearing loss, and available resources for Washington residents living with hearing loss.

ODHH encourages Washington State Leaders to learn more about better supporting employees living with hearing loss. For more information, contact Mary.campbell1@dshs.wa.gov.

We want to make sure that hearing loss community is aware of updates and resources for hearing instrument coverage, especially for Washington residents living with unsupported hearing loss. For more information, please visit the “Hearing Instruments” page on the ODHH website.

We will be hosting two community events with the DeafBlind community to publicize ODHH programs and services. These meetings are April 3, from 2-5 p.m. at Sound Transit HQ in the Santa Fe Room, and April 17, from 5-8 p.m. at Seattle University in Casey Commons, room 530. Please RSVP to Elizabeth Luttrell at elizabeth.luttrell@dshs.wa.gov.

We will be hosting another similar event on June 1, at PSAD (Puget Sound Association of the Deaf). All are invited. For more information, visit our Events Calendar.

Sign Language Interpreter Contracts and Resources (SLCIR) program updates:

We have released a new procurement for sign language interpreter referral agencies. We are looking for agencies to provide scheduling for in-person services during non-standard business hours. For more information, register at this link to WEBS.

BID Opportunities to work as an Independent Contractor will be posted soon. Register to receive bids and updates at the same WEBS link.

Registration and renewal opens on June 1, 2024.

If you are new to ODHH, you can register anytime.

To receive job requests, you must register with contracted agencies. 

For more information, please contact us at Berle.Ross@dshs.wa.gov 


Employee Recognition: Kelly Robison and Lucas Doelman



We want to recognize Lucas Doelman, our Office Assistant Two, for his incredible work for ODHH for 23 years. His work ethic is amazing. We recognize his hard work and his contribution to ODHH for all of the work he has done.

Thank you for your continuing hard work.

We also want to recognize Kelly Robison, our TED Program Manager. We want to recognize her work and her longevity. She has worked for DSHS and for ODHH for 30 years. I want to congratulate her for her hard work and her contribution for these 30 years that she has given to us. Thank you for your contribution and for your steadiness. We are really honored to have you as a part of the ODHH team. I really appreciate that.

Now we recognize both Lucas and Kelly. We recognize their contribution to ODHH, which, at 23 years and 30 years, is a combined 53 years of contribution to ODHH. We want to thank you for your service and for all the work you've done to improve and move the work forward. I really appreciate your work and really appreciate having you as a part of the team.

Thank you, Lucas, and thank you, Kelly, for your continuing hard work.

Thank you.

Earnest Covington III