Adult Family Homes Food Safety & Food Worker Card

Adult Family Home (AFH)  providers and their long-term care worker staff can choose to either maintain a current food worker card or to take 30 minutes of continuing education (CE) each year by reading the current Washington State Food and Beverage Workers' Manual, Food Safety is Everybody's Business. For more information about food handling requirements, review related RCW and WAC. (read more…include info below)

What is the responsibility of the AFH employer for the safe food handler Continuing Education?

The AFH Employer must:

  • Be an approved training program authorized to offer Continuing Education.  Learn how to apply as a training program to teach your own staff.
  • Verify all long-term care workers review the current version of the Food Safety is Everybody's Business manual each year.
  • Complete the required Food Handling and Food Safety Continuing Education certificate. This CE certificate is only valid for Adult Family Homes and may only be used for food handing Continuing Education credit.
  • Give the long-term care workers a completed Food Handling and Food Safety Continuing Education certificate.
  • Keep a copy of this certificate with the other Continuing Education certificates required for that worker.