Adult Family Homes/Assisted Living Facilities

The following information is designed to help adult family homes and assisted living facilities get approved to offer long term care worker training to their staff.

Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) and New Federal Rules slideshow for providers.

Long-Term Care Worker Training Options

It is your responsibility to make sure your LTC workers get all training in the required timelines. Here are your options.

  • Option 1: Train your own staff with your own approved instructors. Follow the steps below.
  • Option 2: Send your staff to DSHS approved Community Instructors or have them come to your facility to provide training. If you use community instructors to teach ALL required LTC worker courses, there are no forms you have to submit to DSHS. Find a Training Class.
  • Option 3: A combination of options 1 and 2. Follow steps below.
Step 1: Understand training requirements


Step 2: Apply to DSHS to offer training and get instructor approved

How this is done

Complete and submit a Facility Training Program Application and Updates form. This form tells DSHS what courses, instructors, and curriculum you want to use. Submit a separate form for each licensed AFH or ALF if you have more than one.

Review the DSHS Facility Instructor Qualification Requirements. Attest that your instructors meet the qualifications on your application.

Instructors applying to teach Dementia and/or Mental Health Specialty Training are required to submit a Facility Instructor Application.

Forms Needed

Step 3. Get curriculum (training materials) approved

Identify or develop curriculum (training materials) to use

How this is done

On your Facility Training Program Application and Updates (DSHS 15-555), you can also request approval to use the following: