Community Instructors

09/01/2020: Requirements for Returning to Training During COVID-19 per Governor Inslee’s Safe Start Phased Approach

Community instructors are individuals and businesses, including home care agencies, that contract with DSHS to provide long-term care worker training throughout the community.

You may be required to become a licensed private vocational school if you provide core basic training. Learn more.

NEW: Requirements for Returning to Training During COVID-19

Applying for the First Time or Updating a Training Program

How this is done

Complete and submit a Contractor Intake Form with a copy of your business license.

In addition, complete and submit a Community Instructor Training Program Application and Updates form. This form tells DSHS what courses, instructors, and curriculum you want to use.

Review the DSHS Community Instructor Qualification Requirements. Attest that you and/or your instructors meet the qualifications on your application.

Instructors applying to teach the following courses are required to submit a Community Instructor Application:

  • Core Basic
  • Population Specific
  • Nurse Delegation Core
  • Nurse Delegation Diabetes
  • Dementia Specialty Training*
  • Mental Health Specialty Training*

*Instructors applying to teach Dementia and/or Mental Health Specialty Training are required to submit a copy of the certificates from those 8-hour classes and the 4-hour DSHS Adult Education class. Visit the Find a Training Class page to locate approved training in your area.

Forms Needed

Identify or develop curriculum (training materials) to use

How this is done

On your Community Instructor Training Program Application and Updates (DSHS 15-551), you can also request approval to use the following:

If you are applying to use The Revised Fundamentals of Caring (RFOC) for core basic, complete and submit the Long-Term Care Worker Basic Training Enhancement Instructions and Application.