Community Instructors

Community instructors are businesses or individuals that contract with DSHS to provide long-term care worker training in care settings throughout the community and/or home care agencies wanting to teach their own staff.

Are you planning or already offering core basic training? You may be required to become a licensed private vocational school. Learn more.

Home Care Aide Training Requirements & Classes – Quick Links page is available with information about the Home Care Aide (HCA) certification process. The HCA Certification Checklist is available to guide you through the HAC training and certification process. The checklist provides additional information about getting started, completing the DOH application, training and testing through Prometric.

Applying for the first Time or Updating a Training Program.

We have updated the TPC form to have one form, for those applying to train for the first time and for existing Training Programs to make updates.

Step 1: Understand Training Requirements

Overview - 75 hour home care aide training and certifications requirements75 hour home care aide training and certifications requirements

Step 2: Apply to DSHS to offer training

How this is done

Form Needed

Fill out and submit a Training Program Community Instructor Application (TPC) form.  This form tells DSHS what courses, instructors, and curriculum you want to use

 TPC Form

Step 3. Get curriculum (training materials) approved

How this is done

Choose training materials options.  Curriculum:



Helpful Information

Orientation and Safety (ORSA)

No form needed

ORSA Instruction Sheet Review to learn how to get YOUR own training materials approved if you will not be using the DSHS materials.

DSHS has curriculum for these courses. See or download the DSHS training materials.  

Core basic training 
Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving (RFOC) with enhancements


RFOC can be used as the foundation for core basic training but it must be enhanced.  These enhancements must be approved and sent in with the  CBRFOC Instruction Sheet

More detailed information on what is and is not considered RFOC enhancements and some tips on how to develop these enhancements. HIGHLY encouraged! 

Population Specific,  Continuing Education, Or ORSA you developed

New Curriculum Form

Use this form to get CE YOU developed approved

Step 4: Get instructors approved

How this is done

Form Needed

  1. Review the DSHS minimum instructor qualifications. Replace with updated qualifications  Ensure that your instructor(s) meet the minimum qualifications for each course you intend them to teach.   
  2. If adding an instructor for courses listed below complete the TPC form and complete an INS form for each instructor.
  • Core Basic
  • Mental Health Specialty
  • Dementia Specialty
  • Nurse Delegation Core
  • Nurse Delegation Diabetes

If adding an instructor for Mental Health Specialty or Dementia Specialty submit a copy of the 8 Hour Dementia Specialty certificate and your 4 hour Adult Education certificate.  For Mental Health include either your 8 hour Mental Health Specialty certificate or the instructor managers level training certificate.

INS form: Instructor Application Form

Step 5: Contract with DSHS to offer training

How this is done

Form Needed

Helpful Information

Fill out and submit the contract intake form. 

Contract Intake Form

You do not have to send in a copy of a W-9 or a Certificate of Insurance for this particular contract with DSHS. Please send in a business license with the contract Intake form.

List of Forms



Contract Intake form

Use to begin the contract process with DSHS to offer training.

TPC Form

Use to apply to become a DSHS approved Training Program  Or to make updates to your approved Training Program. Check all curriculum you would like to teach.

ORSA Instruction Sheet

Use to get more detailed instructions if you want to submit your own orientation and safety training for approval.


Use if you are sending in enhancements to RFOC to use as core basic training.

CBRFOC Instruction Sheet

Use to learn what is and is not considered RFOC enhancements and get tips on how to develop enhancements.  

New Curriculum Form

Used to request curriculum approval for CE, Populations Specific and ORSA that you have developed.  

 INS form

Instructor Application for core basic training, , dementia specialty, mental health specialty and nurse delegation courses