ALTSA Provider/Administrator Letters

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Provider Type Letter Date Subject Status(desc) Notes
NH 020-027 04/29/2020 Emergency Rules Amending WAC 388-97-1260 Current
ICFIID 022-014 06/23/2022 CMS QSO 22-17-ALL: Updating Staff Vaccination Survey Requirements Current
NH 020-090 11/19/2020 CMS Nursing Home COVID-19 Training Data with Urgent Call to Action Current
CCRSS 021-037 07/16/2021 Long-Term Care Proclamations Remain in Effect Current
AFH 021-002 01/20/2021 LTC Resident Rights and the COVID-19 Vaccine Current
ESF 023-018 06/09/2023 Update on RCS Transition to Paperless Work Use of Email an Fax to Submit Documents to RCS Current
ICFIID 018-012 09/21/2018 ICF/IID Licensed as ALF – Background Check Processing Delays Current
NH 020-012 03/20/2020 Hospital Discharges to Nursing Homes Current
CCRSS 022-026 09/29/2022 Residential Care Services Long-Term Care Quality Improvement Program Current
CCRSS 016-004 07/14/2016 CR 102 Supplemental Filed to Propose Adding & Amending Sections to Chapter 388-101 WAC Current
ICFIID 020-028 08/06/2020 Order of the Secretary of Health 20-03.1 Face Coverings – Statewide Current
ALF 014-002 05/06/2014 Final Amendments Related to Chapter 388-110 WAC Current
AFH 012-018 11/21/2012 AFH "WAC Books" Current
ICFIID 017-004 04/06/2017 S&C 17-22-ALL: Save the Date Emergency Management Conference Call Current
ALF 018-021 09/27/2018 ALF Fee Increases Current
NH 024-007 02/22/2024 Notification to Providers of Important Candida Auris Information Current
ALF 021-051 09/03/2021 Resident Rosters, Aggregated Contact Info, Communication, Resident Representative and Essential Support Persons Current

Amended September 17, 2021

CCRSS 023-008 03/24/2023 Storage and Usage of Resident Supplies and Equipment Regardless of Funding Source Current
NH 022-020 03/18/2022 Secretary of Health Order 20-03.8, Face Coverings - Statewide, Effective March 12, 2022 Current

Amended April 1, 2022

ESF 024-017 05/10/2024 Emergency Preparedness Considerations for Wildfire Smoke Current
CCRSS 015-002 04/22/2015 Cannabis Guidance Current
AFH 020-052 10/23/2020 Pharmacy Partnership for LTC Program for COVID-19 Vaccination Current
AFH 021-031 06/16/2021 Discontinuation of Rapid Response Team Current
ALF 013-007 05/15/2013 Waiver of Liability/Rights & Required Duration of Stay Agreement Current
NH 018-007 04/13/2018 NH Locator Expansion Current