ALTSA Provider/Administrator Letters

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Provider Type Letter Date Subject Status(asc) Notes
AFH 020-066 12/02/2020 Rapid Response Short-Term Crisis Staffing Current

Amended March 11, 2021

ALF 022-031 08/25/2022 CR-103P (Permanent Rule) Filed to Add Sections to Chapters 388-76, 388-78A, 388-97, and 388-107 WAC to Re-establish Inspection Schedules Current
NH 016-042 12/19/2016 S&C 17-12-NH: LTC Regulation: Enforcement of Rule Prohibiting Use of Pre-dispute Binding Arbitration Agreements is Suspended so long as court ordered injunction remains in effect Current
ALF 018-006 04/09/2018 Focus Groups Regarding Behavioral Health Service Opportunities Current
NH 021-060 08/09/2021 Admission Incentive: Hospital Discharges to Nursing Homes Current

Amended March 31, 2022

ICFIID 021-047 10/08/2021 Updated Guidance About Aerosol Generating Procedures for LTC Settings Current



AFH 015-019 08/25/2015 CR 101 Filed: Proposed Amendments to Chapter 388-76 WAC Current
NH 013-016 09/04/2013 CR 101 Filed to Propose Adding & Amending Sections to Chapter 388-97 Current
AFH 021-005 01/28/2021 COVID-19 Proclamations Extended under SCR 8402 Current
AFH 018-018 10/31/2018 CR 103 Filed (Permanent Rule) Amending Chapter 388-101 WAC Current
ICFIID 023-003 02/07/2023 CMS Released Revised S&C 17-15-LSC: Use of FSES, NFPA 101A, Guide on Alternative Approaches to Life Safety, 2013 Edition by Health Care Occupancies and Board and Care Occupancies Current
NH 022-015 02/18/2022 QSO-22-07-ALL, Guidance for the Interim Final Rule – Omnibus COVID-19 Health Care Staff Vaccination Current
AFH 023-039 11/30/2023 Vendor Procurement for Residential Search Tool Current
ALF 020-013 04/21/2020 Revised Processes: Personal Protective Equipment Ordering and COVID-19 Testing Current

Revised 04-21-2020

ESF 020-040 10/28/2020 Flu Vaccine Now Available to Uninsured Adults at No Cost Current
AFH 022-022 05/27/2022 Use of Emergency Medical Services by Licensed and Certified Long-Term Care Providers Current
NH 016-019 07/06/2016 Behavioral Health Information & Resources Current
ESF 017-004 07/07/2017 Background Check System (BCS) Project Current
NH 021-047 06/18/2021 CR-103E Filed to Extend NH Emergency Rules for Disaster and Emergency Preparedness, Quality Assessment and Assurance and Resident Rooms Current
ALF 019-019 12/13/2019 Nurse Delegation Not Required for Use of Opioid Reversal Medication in Long-Term Care Facilities Current
ESF 024-012 04/15/2024 Environmental Risk Assessment - Suicide and Self-Harm Current
CCRSS 020-019 06/16/2020 COVID 19: Reopening of Washington State and Client Visits to the Community Current

Amended 01/11/2021

NH 015-008 03/17/2015 Nursing Assistant Registry Inquiry Form Current
AFH 012-014 08/14/2012 Final Amendments Related to Chapter 388-76 WAC Current