ALTSA Provider/Administrator Letters

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Provider Type Letter Date Subject Status(asc) Notes
AFH 023-036 10/27/2023 RCS Long-Term Care Quality Improvement Program (LTC QIP) AFH Early Inspection Visits Current
NH 015-033 10/08/2015 New Background Check Result Letters Current
AFH 012-016 09/24/2012 Reasonable Accommodation and Non-Discrimination for Service Animals Current
CCRSS 017-005 05/10/2017 Elimination of Hard Copy Letters Current
ALF 014-008 08/13/2014 Handling of E. WA Wildfires & Emergency Preparedness Planning Reminder Current
ALF 021-030 06/11/2021 CR-103 (Permanent Rule) Amending WAC 388-78A-2371 Investigations and WAC 388-78A-2360 Adult Day Services Current
CCRSS 021-015 03/29/2021 Updates to the Safe Start for LTC Recommendations & Requirements Current
ICFIID 022-003 02/04/2022 Update to DOH Admission Guidance Current
ALF 020-036 08/06/2020 Point Prevalence COVID-19 Testing Current
ESF 023-001 01/10/2023 Staff Vaccinations Current
NH 018-025 10/12/2018 Background Check Citations and Processing Delays Current
ALF 024-011 03/25/2024 Critical Staffing Management in LTC Settings Update Current
ESF 024-011 03/25/2024 Critical Staffing Management in LTC Settings Update Current
AFH 016-019 09/14/2016 Influenza & Pneumococcal Immunization Reminder Current
AFH 020-068 12/03/2020 Updates to Personnel Change Form and Information Change Form Current
NH 020-037 05/28/2020 COVID-19 Testing of Residents and Staff of Nursing Homes Current

Revised June 3, 2020

NH 018-010 05/07/2018 Elimination of Dear Provider Postcards Current
AFH 015-008 04/24/2015 Continuing Education Classes That Can Be Repeated Current
AFH 020-055 11/06/2020 AFH Point Prevalence COVID-19 Testing Current
ICFIID 023-009 05/19/2023 Launch of CareLearn Retention Toolkit Current
ALF 019-018 11/22/2019 Change of Ownership Process Change for Medicaid Contracted Facilities Current
ALF 022-036 09/22/2022 Mass Testing Available for Nursing Assistant Certification Current
ICFIID 021-018 04/09/2021 QSO-21-15-ALL Updated Guidance for Emergency Preparedness - Appendix Z of the State Operations Manual Current
NH 021-012 02/10/2021 QSO-21-11-ALL - New Platform for Submission of 1135 Waiver Requests and Inquiries - Go Live Current
NH 021-085 10/29/2021 Personal Care Services Survey Current