ALTSA Provider/Administrator Letters

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Provider Type Letter Date Subject Status(desc) Notes
NH 020-029 04/30/2020 Minor or Simple Edits to Statements of Deficiencies Current
ALF 014-001 03/07/2014 CR 102 Filed: Formal Phase of Proposed Amendments to Chapter 388-78A WAC (Background Checks) Current
NH 022-007 01/10/2022 Updates from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Washington State Department of Health Current
ICFIID 018-002 04/13/2018 ICF/IID Locator Current
ICFIID 020-049 12/02/2020 Rapid Response Short-Term Crisis Staffing Current
AFH 021-030 05/26/2021 Source Control Regardless of Vaccination Status Current
ALF 015-006 04/22/2015 Cannabis Guidance Current
ALF 021-003 01/28/2021 Process to Request Emergency Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) During a Shortage Current
CCRSS 015-009 11/09/2015 Online Reporting Current
AFH 020-037 08/06/2020 Behavioral Health Provider Visits Current
ICFIID 023-001 01/10/2023 Staff Vaccinations Current
ALF 012-015 09/26/2012 Emergency Preparedness Current
NH 018-026 10/12/2018 PASRR Webinar and New Level One Form Current
CCRSS 020-007 04/03/2020 Emergency Rules Suspending TB Testing Current
CCRSS 021-052 10/11/2021 Safe Start for LTC Plans Updated Current
NH 021-062 08/27/2021 CR-103E Filed to Extend Emergency Rule Amending NH Requirements Related to Physician Service Current
NH 016-031 09/27/2016 Update Regarding Resource Utilization Group: Reduction for Medicaid Residents in the Low Acuity RUG Groups Current
ALF 017-009 07/07/2017 CR 101 to Propose Adding & Amending Sections to Chapter 388-78A WAC Current
AFH 020-055 11/06/2020 AFH Point Prevalence COVID-19 Testing Current
ALF 019-018 11/22/2019 Change of Ownership Process Change for Medicaid Contracted Facilities Current
ALF 021-019 03/31/2021 Reimplementation of Surveys, Inspections and Evaluations Current

Amended 04/08/2021

ALF 022-036 09/22/2022 Mass Testing Available for Nursing Assistant Certification Current
NH 020-040 06/16/2020 End of Community Home Project (CHP) Hospital Surge Funding Announcement Current
ESF 014-003 09/30/2014 Formal Phase (CR-103) of Adopting New Chapter 388-107 WAC Current