ALTSA Provider/Administrator Letters

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Provider Type Letter(desc) Date Subject Status Notes
AFH 020-010 04/03/2020 Emergency Rules Suspending TB Testing Current
AFH 020-012 04/07/2020 Proclamation 20-16 and End of Life Situations Current
AFH 020-013 04/07/2020 Training: Infection Control Essentials for Community Programs Current
AFH 020-014 04/07/2020 Sharing of Information for the United States Census Current
AFH 020-022 05/06/2020 Masks Available to AFHs through Long-Term Care Foundation Current
AFH 020-024 05/26/2020 Proposed Amendments to Chapter 388-76 WAC, AFH Minimum Licensing Requirements Current

Amended July 1, 2020

AFH 020-025 06/03/2020 Introducing the Adult Family Home State Civil Penalty Reinvestment Program Current
AFH 020-026 06/10/2020 Implementation of Passed Legislation ESHB 1023 Allowing Certain AFHs to Increase Bed Capacity to Seven or Eight Current
AFH 020-027 06/16/2020 COVID 19: Reopening of Washington State and Resident Visits to the Community Current

Amended 01/11/2021

AFH 020-028 06/23/2020 Personal Protective Equipment Ordering for Adult Family Homes Current

Amended July 2, 2020

AFH 020-031 07/15/2020 CR-101 Filed to Consider Amending Sections of Chapter 388-76 WAC Current
AFH 020-040 09/01/2020 Infection Prevention Training for AFH Providers Current

Amended 11/23/2020

AFH 020-047 09/29/2020 Informal Dispute Resolution AFH Project Completion Current
AFH 020-048 09/29/2020 Evacuation Level Not Printed on some AFH Client Care Assessments Current
AFH 020-055 11/06/2020 AFH Point Prevalence COVID-19 Testing Current
AFH 020-056 11/13/2020 Proposed Amendments to Chapter 388-76 WAC (Building Code) Current
AFH 020-057 11/13/2020 Proposed Amendments to Chapter 388-76 WAC Current
AFH 020-059 11/13/2020 COVID-19 Proclamations Extended Until 11:59 P.M. December 7, 2020 Current

Amended November 20, 2020

AFH 020-065 11/24/2020 AFH N95 RESPIRATOR DISTRIBUTION Current
AFH 020-068 12/03/2020 Updates to Personnel Change Form and Information Change Form Current
AFH 021-001 01/11/2021 AFH N95 Respirator Distribution and Fit Testing Current
AFH 021-010 02/10/2021 CR-103 (Permanent Rule) Amending Chapter 388-76 WAC AFH Minimum Licensing Requirements Current
AFH 021-029 05/21/2021 CR-103P Adult Family Home Rule Filing Current
AFH 021-041 07/08/2021 State Civil Penalty Reinvestment Program Application Period Open Current