ALTSA Provider/Administrator Letters

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Provider Type Letter Date Subject Status Notes
ESF 022-011 03/18/2022 Secretary of Health Order 20-03.8, Face Coverings - Statewide, Effective March 12, 2022 Current

Amended April 1, 2022

ESF 022-010 03/04/2022 Emergency Rule Suspending TB Testing Current
ESF 022-009 03/04/2022 Safe Start for Long-Term Care Plans Replace with Long-Term Care COVID Response Plans Current
ESF 022-008 03/09/2022 Updated COVID-19 Guidance from the Department of Health Current
ESF 022-007 02/25/2022 CR-103E Emergency Rules Extending Timelines for Completing Certain Resident Assessments Current
ESF 022-006 02/25/2022 Recall of Certain Bed Rails Current
ESF 022-005 02/04/2022 Update to DOH Admission Guidance Current
ESF 022-004 02/04/2022 CR-101s Filed to Consider Amending Chapters 388-76, 388-78A, 388-97, and 388-107 WAC to Implement SHB 1218 Current
ESF 022-003 01/19/2022 Temporary Delay of Some Medicaid CARE Assessments Current
ESF 022-002 01/10/2022 Updates from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Washington State Department of Health Current
ESF 022-001 01/07/2022 New Testing Program “Operation Expanded Testing” Available Current
ESF 021-057 12/17/2021 RCS Access to Facilities Current
ESF 021-056 11/18/2021 Emergency Rules Suspending TB Testing Current
ESF 021-055 11/17/2021 New Notification Policy Regarding People Registered as Sex Offenders Living in LTC Settings or Receiving LTC Services and Supports Current

Amended March 18, 2022

ESF 021-054 11/08/2021 Clarification on Health Care Provider Screening Current
ESF 021-053 10/28/2021 Nursing Facility COVID Units Current
ESF 021-052 10/19/2021 Critical Staffing Management in LTC Settings Current
ESF 021-051 10/11/2021 Safe Start for LTC Plans Updated Current
ESF 021-050 10/08/2021 Updated Guidance About Aerosol Generating Procedures for LTC Settings Current
ESF 021-049 10/08/2021 WAC 246-888 Emergency Rulemaking - Medication Assistance Current
ESF 021-048 09/28/2021 Implementation of Vaccine Mandate Requirements and Review Current
ESF 021-047 09/24/2021 BYD DE2322 and 3M 8210 Respirators Current
ESF 021-046 09/17/2021 COVID-19, Influenza and Pneumococcal Reminder Current
ESF 021-045 09/03/2021 Resident Rosters, Aggregated Contact Info, Communication, Resident Representative and Essential Support Persons Current

Amended September 17, 2021

ESF 021-044 09/03/2021 Correction Regarding LTC Setting Requirements Under Governor Proclamation 21-14, COVID Vaccination Requirements Current