ALTSA Provider/Administrator Letters

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Provider Type Letter Date Subject Status Notes
ESF 020-027 08/04/2020 COVID-19 Proclamations Extended until September 1, 2020 Current
ESF 020-027 08/06/2020 Order of the Secretary of Health 20-03.1 Face Coverings – Statewide Current
ESF 020-026 08/04/2020 N95 Mask Fittings and Facility Online Surveys Current
ESF 020-025 07/27/2020 Investigation and Referral Process for Allegations Unrelated to Physical or Sexual Abuse Current
ESF 020-024 07/17/2020 COVID Testing Current
ESF 020-023 07/08/2020 COVID-19 PROCLAMATIONS EXTENDED UNTIL AUGUST 1, 2020 Current
ESF 020-022 06/26/2020 COVID-19 Proclamations Extended until July 1, 2020 Current
ESF 020-021 06/16/2020 COVID 19: Reopening Washington State and Resident Visits to the Community Current

Amended 01/11/2021

ESF 020-020 05/26/2020 Recommendations for Resident Window Visits During COVID-19 Outbreak Current
ESF 020-019 05/14/2020 CR-101 Filed to Consider Rule Making for Chapter 388-107 WAC, Licensing Requirements for Enhanced Services Facilities Current
ESF 020-018 05/05/2020 Temporary Medicaid Rate Increase Current
ESF 020-017 05/04/2020 COVID Only Facilities Current
ESF 020-016 04/30/2020 Minor or Simple Edits to Statements of Deficiencies Current
ESF 020-015 04/27/2020 Cloth Face Covering Distribution Current
ESF 020-014 04/20/2020 Department Request for Ongoing COVID-19 Status Updates Current
ESF 020-013 04/16/2020 Support if the Provider or Administrator Becomes Ill with COVID-19 Current
ESF 020-012 04/09/2020 Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioner (Chapter 70.15 RCW) Current
ESF 020-011 04/07/2020 Sharing of Information for the United States Census Current
ESF 020-010 04/07/2020 Training: Infection Control Essentials for Community Programs Current
ESF 020-009 04/07/2020 Proclamation 20-16 and End of Life Situations Current
ESF 020-008 04/21/2020 Revised Processes: Personal Protective Equipment Ordering and COVID-19 Testing Current

Revised 04-21-2020

ESF 020-007 04/03/2020 Emergency Rules Suspending TB Testing Current

Superseded by 020-008

ESF 020-005 03/17/2020 COVID-19 Information as of March 17, 2020 Current

Amended April 8, 2020

ESF 020-004 03/09/2020 Inspection/Investigation Process in COVID-19 Situations and Suspension of Certain Inspection Activities Superseded

Superseded by #005