ALTSA Provider/Administrator Letters

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Provider Type Letter Date Subject Status Notes
NH 016-012 05/17/2016 Resource Utilization Group: Reduction for Medicaid Residents in PA1-PC1 RUG Groups Current
NH 016-011 05/10/2016 CR 102 Filed to Amend Chapter 388-97 WAC Current
NH 016-010 05/05/2016 CR 103E Filed to Extend Emergency Rules on Chapter 388-97 WAC Current
NH 016-009 04/18/2016 S&C 04-24: Coordination of Care for Residents Who Receive End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Services Current
NH 016-008 04/06/2016 Release of 2015 NH Data Compendium Current
NH 016-007 03/30/2016 Four Month Rule Extension Request Current
NH 016-006 03/21/2016 Service Episode Records for PASRR Level II Developmental Disability Clients Current
NH 016-005 02/25/2016 Update Regarding Expectations For E-Cigarettes & Vaping Devices Current
NH 016-004 02/05/2016 NH Guidelines (aka “The Purple Book”) Sixth Edition Current
NH 016-003 01/27/2016 Nursing Assistant Registry Inquiry Form Current
NH 016-002 01/11/2016 CR 103-E (Emergency Filing) Chapter 388-97 WAC Current
NH 016-001 01/05/2016 S&C 16-05-ALL: Infection Control Pilot Project Current
NH 015-036 12/17/2015 S&C 16-04-NH Focused Dementia Care Survey Tools Current
NH 015-035 12/08/2015 24 Hour RN Requirement in Nursing Homes Current
NH 015-034 11/09/2015 Online Reporting Current
NH 015-033 10/08/2015 New Background Check Result Letters Current
NH 015-032 08/31/2015 Flu & Pneumonia Immunization Reminder Current
NH 015-031 08/31/2015 CR 103 Filed: Final Amendments to Chapter 388-97 WAC Current
NH 015-030 08/31/2015 Use of Electronic Cigarettes in Long-Term Care Facilities Current
NH 015-029 08/11/2015 Revisions to Questions on the Complaint Hotline Current
NH 015-028 08/06/2015 Revision to S&C 14-42-NH Current
NH 015-027 07/27/2015 S&C 15-47-NH: Medication Related Adverse Events Current
NH 015-026 07/27/2015 CR 101 Filed to Propose Adding & Amending Sections to Chapter 388-97 WAC Current
NH 015-025 07/23/2015 Character, Competency & Suitability (CCS) Determination Form Current
NH 015-024 07/02/2015 Protection of Resident Funds Current