Assisted Living Facility Administrator Online Training Practice Exercise

The following exercise provides you with an opportunity to practice applying the information contained in this course. In responding to each of the following questions, you are encouraged to use the internet links that have been provided to look up the correct answers.

Section 1: Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice Instructions: Select only one answer for each question.

1. What is the difference between a statute and an administrative rule?

2. Who is responsible for enacting statutes?

3. Who is responsible for adopting administrative rules?

4. Which of the following Internet addresses will take you to the Office of the Code Reviser?

5. Which of the following is the language from RCW 18.20.125(3)?

6. Which of the following is the language from WAC 388-112A-0400?

Section 2: Column Matching

Select the letter of the rule in Column "B" that corresponds with the topic in Column "A"

Column A
Column B
1. Residential Long Term Care Services Training
A. Chapter 246-888 WAC
2. Long Term Care Residents Rights
B. Chapter 43.43 RCW
3. Assisted Living Facility Licensing Rules
C. Chapter 74.34 RCW
4. Washington State Patrol
D. Chapter 388-112A WAC
5. Nurse Delegation
E. Chapter 388-113 WAC
6. Food Services
F. Chapter 70.129 RCW
7. Medication Assistance
G. Chapter 388-110 WAC
8. Abuse of Vulnerable Adults
H. Chapter 388-78A WAC
9. Assisted Living Facilities
I. Chapter 246-215 WAC
10. Contracted Residential Care Services
J. Chapter 18.20 RCW
11. Disqualifying Crimes and Negative Actions
K. Chapter 246-840 WAC

Section 3:

1a. How often is the department required to conduct an inspection in each assisted living facility?

1b. Supporting Reference

2a. If an individual associated with an assisted living facility will have unsupervised access with a vulnerable adult, that individual must disclose which of the following crimes that he or she has committed, if any?

2b. Supporting Reference

3a. Potentially hazardous foods including poultry and stuffed meats must be cooked to an internal temperature of:

3b. Supporting Reference

4a. Before performing any delegated nursing task, long-term care workers in adult family homes and assisted living facilities must:

4b. Supporting Reference

5a. How many square feet of space must be in an apartment approved for use under the DSHS Assisted Living Contract in a new assisted living facility, excluding the bathroom?

5b. Supporting Reference

6a. Who is not a mandated reporter of adult abuse and neglect?

6b. Supporting Reference

7a. Who is required to complete the seventy-hour long-term care worker basic training and by when?

7b. Supporting Reference

8a. Which of the following is not a reason to require a resident to move out of an assisted living facility?

8b. Supporting Reference

9a. Which of the following is not a true statement regarding medication assistance?

9b. Supporting Reference

10a. Who must sign the resident’s negotiated service agreement?

10b. Supporting Reference