RCS Standard Operating Procedures Manual

Note:  Chapters not linked in the table below are under development, unless otherwise specified.

Chapter Title
Chapter 1 Administration
Chapter 2 Background Checks
Chapter 3 Business Analysis and Applications Unit (BAAU)
Chapter 4 Complaint Resolution Unit
Chapter 5 Construction Review
Chapter 6 CMAR – Case Mix - MDS
Chapter 7 Enforcement
Chapter 8 Policy      
Chapter 9 Public Disclosure
Chapter 10 Quality Management System
Chapter 11 Residential Inspection and Quality Assurance
Chapter 12 Adult Family Homes
Chapter 13 Assisted Living Facilities
Chapter 14 Certified Community Residential Services and Supports
Chapter 15 Enhanced Services Facilities
Chapter 16 ICF/IID
Chapter 17 Nursing Homes
Chapter 18 Across All Settings
Chapter 19 Staff Training
Chapter 20 Complaint Investigations
Chapter 21 Occupational Health and Safety
Chapter 22 Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR)
Chapter 23 Records Management
Chapter 24 Employment Procedures
Chapter 25 Civil Money Penalty – State Civil Penalty Reinvestment Program
Chapter 26 NATCEP 
Chapter 27 Principles of Documentation
Chapter 28 Respiratory Protection Program
Chapter 29 Behavioral Health Support Team