Hospital Administration

Executive Leadership Team Members

  • Tony Bowie, CEO
  • Dr. Jack McClellan, Medical Director
  • Erik Logan, Director of Nursing
  • Lisa Davis, Director of Administration & Support Services
  • Kristi Sigafoos, Director of Quality Management
  • Dr. Fran Lexcen, Director of Forensic Services

Consolidated Institutional Business Services - CIBS

The Business Office is responsible for trust accounts and submitting applications for Medicaid eligibility.  Upon child’s admission, the guardian completes numerous forms, including a form to establish an account for the child and another form to determine Medicaid eligibility. The latter forms are submitted to the Department of Social and Health Services, Pierce North, Client Support Office. After considering many factors, among them insurance benefits, federal or state benefits, and income, the Medical Eligibility Department renders a decision which may require the parent or legal guardian to either submit a co-payment or have existing federal or state benefits reduced during your child’s treatment stay.


We have a full complement of dietary staff on site. All cottages are equipped with staffed kitchens.  The cooks prepare three full meals and a healthy snack according to a menu planned by the dietary service manager and a registered dietician. Breakfast is usually served from 7:45-8:15 AM, lunch from 12-12:30 PM, dinner from 5-5:30 PM, and snack is served at 7:00 PM.  Meal times may vary occasionally. Special diets may also be prepared according to physician orders.  We also prepare and serve treats for special occasions, such as birthdays and holidays, and for different cottage activities, such as open house, camping, and summer carnival.

Child Study and Treatment Center - CSTC participates in the National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs.  CSTC provides all eligible participants who are patients of Child Study and Treatment Center or who attend Firwood Secondary School in the Transitional Day Student Program with the benefits of Child Nutrition Programs in a non-discriminatory manner. 

House Keeping

Housekeeping staff interacts with the children daily.  They encourage and support cleanliness on the cottage. While the primary counselor encourages the children to take out dirty laundry, pick up their rooms, & brush their teeth, the custodian is responsible for the cleanliness of the cottage, and all other CSTC buildings.

Medical Records

Medical Records is staffed with personnel trained in Health Information Management - HIM. This office processes and retains patient health information, including medical records and other patient health information & data on CSTC patients.  Unless allowed or required by law, CSTC requires a signed Authorization to Release Information to release protected patient health information.  If the patient is under age 13, the release must be signed by the legal guardian. If the patient is age 13 or older, the patient must sign the release.  Please contact the Medical Records Department with questions and/or requests for information their department phone number is (253) 756-2547.

Consolidated Maintenance and Operations - CMO

Consolidated Maintenance and Operations serves CSTC by providing maintenance and operations support.  Maintenance includes repair, renewal, and replacement of existing building components, campus utility systems, and infrastructure.  Operations includes activities in support of clients, staff, and programs, i.e. laundry, transportation, steam generation, water treatment, sewer treatment, etc.