Child Study & Treatment Center Programs

The Child Study and Treatment Center provides psychiatric services in a campus setting with separate cottages designed to serve children ages 6-12 years and adolescents between the ages of 12-17. Patients live in one of four cottages determined by age where they have individual bedrooms and a shared day area. Each cottage has its own kitchen and dining room. A treatment team is identified for each child and their family or caregiver, and all are included in regularly scheduled treatment planning. Parents and caregivers are strongly encouraged to participate in the care and services, which include family therapy and multi-family group therapy sessions held twice a month with a special program scheduled quarterly. The treatment team welcomes participation from the family’s natural supports and community partners to assist the youth in developing the skills and support system needed for ongoing recovery after discharge.

Cottages and Age Groups

Camano Cottage admits children ages 5 to 12 

Ketron Cottage admits children ages 11 to 16

Orcas Cottage admits children ages 15 to 17

San Juan Cottage admits children ages 15 to 17


Each cottage and each school has its own specific program manual that deals with the unique and specific issues that only relate to the youth admitted to a particular cottage. Make sure you ask for a copy of the cottage and school manuals, which are highly informative and beneficial reference guides.