Reports and Supporting Documentations for the 48-Bed Residential Treatment Facility in Clark County


      The state Legislature has authorized the Department of Social and Health Services to site, design, and construct a 48-bed residential treatment facility in Clark County.  In March 2021, DSHS purchased the 19-acre Brockmann Farm at the intersection of NE 50th Avenue and NE 159th Street for this purpose.  The proposed project constructs three 16-bed inpatient behavioral health treatment facilities, a maintenance garage, sidewalks and parking lots, storm water management, street frontage improvements, and associated site features on the easterly 11.56 acres of the property.

      DSHS has submitted an application to Clark County for a conditional use permit within the existing business park zoning.  This submittal includes proposed development plans, a preliminary storm water design report, water and sewer service reviews, a traffic study, and more. These documents are linked below with more details about our proposal.


Clark County development application

Email re Road modification request

Submittal checklist

Pre-application final report (version 1)

(original plan to build on west end of property)

Pre-application final report (version 2)

(current plan to build on east end of property)

Developer’s geographic information system packet

Project narrative

Responses to criteria

Boundary line adjustment approval

Building elevations

Building plans

Landscape graphic

Landscape plans

Proposed development plans

Soils analysis geotechnical engineering report

Preliminary stormwater design report

Groundwater mounding memorandum

Traffic study

SEPA environmental checklist

Sewer purveyor utility review letter

Water purveyor utility review letter

Public health review letter

Boundary and topographic survey

Archaeological predetermination (partial report)

Title report

Wetland jurisdictional determination

Wetland county determination