DVR Internship Program


The DVR Internship Program is a strategy to introduce many DVR customers to the world of work who are well skilled but lack paid experience. It is a learning experience for the customer to apply their talents and abilities in a paid job setting that enables them to demonstrate valuable work skills.

In the DVR Internship Program, a DVR customer is matched with a local host employer in the individual’s chosen career field. Interns generally spend several months in their host employer’s work setting to experience the culture and typical job demands that are expected in the selected field of work. The specific length of time and work setting is agreed upon by the DVR Customer, DVR Counselor, and host employer.

Host employers provide a paid internship for the DVR customer by hiring the individual as a temporary employee. DVR reimburses the employer for all salary and related costs on a monthly basis.

Paid internships have proven to play an integral role in the recruiting strategies of many employers. Interns often become permanent hires, having been given the opportunity to learn about your organization, while you directly observe and mentor the individual's performance.

Employers interested in providing Internship opportunities should contact a DVR Office nearest to your place of employment or email the Business Services Team.

Download our brochure, DVR Paid Internship.