Job Site Modifications and Assistive Technology


DVR will maintain contact with DVR customers entering into employment for at least 90 days to ensure job satisfaction. Employee retention services help employers identify and address disability-related employment barriers affecting successful job performance. Employers benefit from specialized assessment and consultation that is aimed at enabling the employee’s job performance.

For employers who hire DVR customers, job retention services can include:

  • Work Site Assessments
  • Confidential counseling and guidance with the DVR customer
  • Technical Assistance to the employer’s representatives
  • Disability Awareness training for co-workers
  • Training in personal and social skills designed to help the employee blend in and get along with coworkers on the job
  • Identifying job site modifications or other reasonable accommodation options
  • Referrals to other community providers for assistance

Enabling job performance through the use of technologies and other engineering methodologies is an important consideration for employers looking to sustain a productive work force that includes people with disabilities. To meet the needs of employees with disabilities served by DVR, our support may include contracting for services from organizations specializing in rehabilitation engineering, assistive technology, devices and services.

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