Assistive Technology Services


Assistive Technology includes any device used to maintain or improve functional abilities of an individual with a disability.

What is an ATAP?

DVR's Assistive Technology and Assessment Practitioners (ATAP's) are responsible for merging assistive technology and the vocational rehabilitation process, ensuring individuals with disabilities achieve their employment goals by providing guidance and technical assistance on accessibility, job modifications, accommodations, and technology.

What services do ATAP's provide?

DVR's ATAP's offer customers Assistive Technology evaluations and assessments such as:

  • Mobility evaluations to determine feasibility and need of devices such as wheelchairs, scooters and walkers
  • Transportation evaluations to evaluate needs such as public transportation options, vehicle modifications, van ramps and lifts or hand controls
  • Organizational Assistive Technology evaluations to give options to increase an individual's personal organization
  • Literacy support evaluations to determine the benefit of assistive technology for learning disabilities
  • Ergonomic Evaluations for office and home work site
  • Computer Access evaluations for individuals with physical or cognitive issues that interfere with computer use
  • Speech Recognition Technology (speech to text) assessment and training

Additional services provided by ATAP's include:

  • Special consultation on medical, dental, therapy and other complex services.
  • ADA Accessibility assessments for vendors, employers and businesses.
  • Training for customers and community groups including:
    • Reasonable accommodations
    • Assistive Technology training for Transition Students, Parents and/or Teachers
    • Assistive Technology training for Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRPs)

Contact your nearest ATAP:

Eastern Washington (DVR Region 1) 

Northwest Washington - King County and north to Whatcom County (DVR Region 2)

Southwest Washington - Pierce County and south, Olympic Peninsula (DVR Region 3)

For more information, call us toll free at 800-637-5627.

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