How do I get started?

Applying for Services:

If you decide to apply for services, a Counselor provides you with more information about DVR services and you complete an application form. DVR then gathers records to verify your identity, disability and work status. If no records are available, you may need to see a doctor or other professional to get information about the disability you experience. You do not have to pay for services that DVR needs to establish your eligibility.

If you need assistance to apply, such as an interpreter or translator, or if you need information in Braille, large print or another format, explain your needs when you contact DVR so we can be ready to help.

Find the DVR office nearest you.

Eligibility Review:

DVR reviews the information collected to determine if you are eligible for DVR services. You are eligible if you:

  • Have a physical or mental disability that is a substantial barrier to employment; and

  • You require vocational rehabilitation services to get or keep a job.


Information DVR receives is kept confidential. Information about you is shared with others only if you give your written consent, except in very limited circumstances, such as your health or safety.