DSHS Administrative Policies

Department of Social and Health Services Administrative Policies are intended only for internal departmental use. These policies are not intended, nor can they be relied upon, to create any substantive or procedural rights enforceable by any party involved in matters with DSHS.

Administrative Policies are indexed by policy number. Policies appearing on this site have been approved and are in effect until they are revised or rescinded. Chapter 3 and Chapter 17 are not in use at this time.

For questions about the Administrative Policy process or requirements, contact Katherine Vasquez.

Chapter 01 - Relationships With Legislature and Public Officials  

DSHS-AP-01-01          Communication With the State Legislature

DSHS-AP-01-04          Communication With Congress, Federal Agencies, and Other State Governors

Chapter 02 - Relationships With Public   

DSHS-AP-02-05          Advisory Groups

DSHS-AP-02-07          Office of Communications Policy

DSHS-AP-02-08          Media Relations Policy

DSHS-AP-02-11          Plain Talk: Clear Written Communications

DSHS-AP-02-12          Photography and Video Imaging at DSHS Facilities

Chapter 04 - Delegation of Authority      

DSHS-AP-04-05          Delegation of Authority - Personnel Actions

DSHS-AP-04-08          Delegation of Authority to Issue Subpoenas

DSHS-AP-04-09          Delegation of Authority to Investigate Programs Administered by the Department

DSHS-AP-04-12          Delegation of Authority to Administer State IV-D Plan

DSHS-AP-04-13          Delegation of Authority, Office of Financial Recovery

Chapter 05 - DSHS Records and Privacy  

DSHS-AP-05-01          Privacy Policy -- Safeguarding Confidential Information (formerly 15.16)

DSHS-AP-05-02          Public Records Requests

DSHS-AP-05-03          Client Rights Relating to Protected Health Information

DSHS-AP-05-04          Records Retention

DSHS-AP-05-05          Management of the Litigation Discovery Process

DSHS-AP-05-06          Use and Destruction of Health Care Information

DSHS-AP-05-07          Employee Response to Litigation Related Documents

DSHS-AP-05-08          DSHS Minimum Physical Security Standards for Confidential Information and Financial Instruments

DSHS-AP-05-09          Workplace Safety and Disclosure of Public Records Concerning Employee Workplace Sexual Harassment or Stalking Public Records Requests

Chapter 06 - Employees and Employment Conditions      

DSHS-AP-06-11          Institution Meal Pricing Cost Reporting

DSHS-AP-06-17          State-Owned Employee Housing

DSHS-AP-06-24          DSHS Employees – Foster Care Licensing and Adoption (formerly 6.16)

DSHS-AP-06-25          Department of Social and Health Services Commute Trip Reduction Program

Chapter 07 - Affirmative Action/Minority Affairs

DSHS-AP-07-01          American Indian Policy

DSHS-AP-07-02          Equal Access to Services for Individuals with Disabilities

DSHS-AP-07-12          Minority-Owned, Community-Based Publishers and Media (MPM)

DSHS-AP-07-20          Communication Access for Persons Who Are Deaf, DeafBlind, Hard of Hearing, Late Deafened, Deaf Plus and/or Speech Disabled

DSHS-AP-07-21          Access to Services for Clients who are Limited English Proficient (LEP)

DSHS-AP-07-22          Cultural Competence

Chapter 08 - Clients        

DSHS-AP-08-02          Client Abuse Reporting Under Washington State Law

DSHS-AP-08-11          Complaint Resolution and Response Standards

DSHS-AP-08-12          Voter Registration Assistance

DSHS-AP-08-13          Food Service Policy for Patients and Residents

Chapter 09 - Emergencies, Risk Management & Safety   

DSHS-AP-09-01          Major Incident Reporting

DSHS-AP-09-02          Benefits for Employees Assaulted by Residents/Clients

DSHS-AP-09-03          Administrative Review - Death of a Residential Client

DSHS-AP-09-06          Prevention and Control of Occupational Exposure to Blood-borne Pathogens or Other Potentially Infectious Materials

DSHS-AP-09-07          DSHS Safety and Occupational Health Program

DSHS-AP-09-08          Employee Personal Property Reimbursement

DSHS-AP-09-09          DSHS Employee Wellness Program

DSHS-AP-09-10          Transitional Return to Work Program

DSHS-AP-09-11          Emergency Management

DSHS-AP-09-12          DSHS Workplace Physical Security Program

DSHS-AP-09-13          Enterprise Risk Management

DSHS-AP-09-14          DSHS Industrial Insurance Program

DSHS-AP-09-15          Continuity of Operations

DSHS-AP-09-16          Emergency Closures and Suspension of Operations

DSHS-AP-09-17          Emergency Operations

DSHS-AP-09-19          Administering Opioid Overdose Medication

DSHS-AP-09-20          Commercial Insurance

Chapter 10 - Vendors    

DSHS-AP-10-02          Overpayments and Debts for Providers and Vendors

DSHS-AP-10-06          Vendor and Contractor Investigations

Chapter 11 - Forms, Policies and Rules   

DSHS-AP-11-02          Forms Management

DSHS-AP-11-08          DSHS Administrative Policies

DSHS-AP-11-09          DSHS Rule Making

Chapter 12 - Planning, Budgeting and Research 

DSHS-AP-12-01          Human Research Review Process

DSHS-AP-12-06          Research Misconduct          

DSHS-AP-12-07          Financial Conflicts of Interest in US Public Health Service-Funded Research

Chapter 13 - Contracts and Licenses        

DSHS-AP-13-08          Operational (Purchased) Goods and Services

DSHS-AP-13-10          Central Contract and Legal Services (CCLS)

DSHS-AP-13-11          Monitoring Contractor Performance

DSHS-AP-13-12          Competitive Procurements

DSHS-AP-13-13          Insurance Requirements for Contracts

DSHS-AP-13-15          Consumable Inventory

DSHS-AP-13-16          Performance-Based Contracting

DSHS-AP-13-18          Purchase Cards – Obtaining and Safeguarding

DSHS-AP-13-19          Purchase Cards – Purchases, Payments, and Disputes

DSHS-AP-13-20          Purchase and Travel Card Rebates

DSHS-AP-13-23          Identifying Business Associates and Business Associate Agreements

DSHS-AP-13-24          Contract Change Orders

DSHS-AP-13-25          Vendor Agreements and Non-Standard Contracts

DSHS-AP-13-27          Implementing Measures for the Improvement of Equity in Public Contracting


Chapter 14 - Facilities and Equipment    

DSHS-AP-14-04          DSHS Leased Facilities Policy

DSHS-AP-14-07          Control of Capital Assets

DSHS-AP-14-10          Accessible Meetings

DSHS-AP-14-12          Accountability for State-Owned Vehicles

DSHS-AP-14-14          State Treasurer Lease/Purchase Program

DSHS-AP-14-15          Building Management of DSHS Leased Facilities

DSHS-AP-14-18          E-Mail & Voice Mail Greetings and Responses

DSHS-AP-14-19          Sustainability in DSHS Workplaces

DSHS-AP-14-20          DSHS Toll Free Service Numbers

DSHS-AP-14-21          Building and Land Management of State Owned Facilities

DSHS-AP-14-22          Procurement and Management of State-Issued Wireless Devices

DSHS-AP-14-23          Department of Social & Health Services (DSHS) Drone Use Policy

DSHS-AP-14-24          Use of DSHS Facilities

DSHS-AP-14-25          Trades Apprenticeship Program Joint Policy

Chapter 15 - Information Systems           

DSHS-AP-15-10          Information Security

DSHS-AP-15-12          Protecting Against Computer Software Piracy

DSHS-AP-15-18-01           Standards for Internet Websites and Public-Facing Web Applications

DSHS-AP-15-18-02           Privacy Notices for Internet Websites & Web Applications

DSHS-AP-15-18-03           External Linking for Internet Websites & Web Applications

DSHS-AP-15-20           Exceptions to Policy for Information Technology

DSHS-AP-15-21           Information Technology Standards Compliance

DSHS-AP-15-22           Information Technology Portfolio Management

DSHS-AP-15-23           Information Technology Project Management

DSHS-AP-15-24           Social Media Policy

DSHS-AP-15-25           DSHS Information Technology Governance

DSHS-AP-15-26           HRIS Data Warehouse Administration

Chapter 16 - Audit and Internal Control 

DSHS-AP-16-01           Internal Audit

DSHS-AP-16-05           Enterprise Risk Assessment and Self-Evaluation

DSHS-AP-16-10           Reporting Known or Suspected Loss of Public Funds or Assets to the State Auditor’s Office

DSHS-AP-16-11            External Audit and Questioned Costs

Chapter 18 - Human Resources 

DSHS-AP-18-04           General Provisions

DSHS-AP-18-05           Exceptions to Chapter 18 Administrative Policies

DSHS-AP-18-13           Classification

DSHS-AP-18-16           DSHS Hiring Processes

DSHS-AP-18-17           Employment of Relatives or Household Members

DSHS-AP-18-18           Outside Employment

DSHS-AP-18-19           Appointments and Reemployment

DSHS-AP-18-22           Personnel and Payroll Files

DSHS-AP-18-25           Affirmative Action and Religious Discrimination

DSHS-AP-18-26           Disability Reasonable Accommodation

DSHS-AP-18-28           Compensation

DSHS-AP-18-31           Holidays and Leave

DSHS-AP-18-34           Employee Training and Development

DSHS-AP-18-37           Performance Management

DSHS-AP-18-40           Discipline

DSHS-AP-18-46           Layoff and Separation

DSHS-AP-18-55           Combined Fund Drive

DSHS-AP-18-58           Washington Management Service Department of Social and Health Services

DSHS-AP-18-60           Employee Relationships with Clients, Vendors, and Outside Organizations

DSHS-AP-18-61           Employee Grievance

DSHS-AP-18-63           Employee Background Check Requirements

DSHS-AP-18-64           Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees

DSHS-AP-18-65           Smoking In Department of Social and Health Services Facilities

DSHS-AP-18-66           Discrimination, Harassment, and Other Inappropriate Behaviors

DSHS-AP-18-67           Workplace and Domestic Violence/Reasonable Safety Accommodation

DSHS-AP-18-68           Employee Participation in Political Activities

DSHS-AP-18-69           Delegation of Authority for Civil Rights Complaint Investigations

DSHS-AP-18-70           Responding To External Civil Rights Agency

DSHS-AP-18-71           Membership in Professional Organizations and Societies

DSHS-AP-18-75           Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace

DSHS-AP-18-76           Weapons

DSHS-AP-18-77           Authority to Appoint Designees to Hear Secretary Level Grievances and Trial-Service/Transition Review Separations

DSHS-AP-18-81           Nondiscrimination in Direct Client Services

DSHS-AP-18-82           Bilingual/Multilingual Employees – Assignment Pay, Certification, and Responsibilities

DSHS-AP-18-83           Inclusion and Evaluation Procedure Washington Management Service

DSHS-AP-18-84           Employment References

DSHS-AP-18-85           Lactating Employees in the Workplace

DSHS-AP-18-86           Healthy Eating and Nutrition

DSHS-AP-18-87           DSHS Modern and Mobile Workplace Policy

DSHS-AP-18-88           Infants at Work Program

DSHS-AP-18-89           Investigations

DSHS-AP-18-90           Workplace Pregnancy Accommodation

DSHS-AP-18-91           Use of Resources

DSHS-AP-18-92            Washington State Management Service Salary Administration

Chapter 19.05 - Accounting – Data and Systems Access  

DSHS-AP-19-05-01           Protected Health Information & HIPAA Compliance in Financial Documents

Chapter 19.10 - Accounting - Travel Policies         

DSHS-AP-19-10-01           Agency Travel Roles & Responsibilities

DSHS-AP-19-10-02           Travel Reimbursement Submission Deadlines

DSHS-AP-19-10-03           Reimbursement for Meals

DSHS-AP-19-10-04           Mileage Reimbursement

DSHS-AP-19-10-05           Travel by Air, Common Carrier, Rental or State-Owned Vehicle

DSHS-AP-19-10-06           Travel Advance Processing

DSHS-AP-19-10-07           Volunteer and Board Member Travel

DSHS-AP-19-10-11           Lodging

DSHS-AP-19-10-12           General Travel Provisions

DSHS-AP-19-10-13           Miscellaneous Travel Expenses

Chapter 19.20 - Accounting - Internal Control and Auditing           

DSHS-AP-19-20-01           AFRS Input Security Options

Chapter 19.25 - Accounting - Payroll       

DSHS-AP-19-25-01           Overpayments to DSHS Employees for Salary, Wages, Benefits and Miscellaneous Expenditures

DSHS-AP-19-25-03           AFRS Error File Payroll Corrections and Payroll Accounting Adjustments

DSHS-AP-19-25-04           W4’s - Number of Annual Submittals

DSHS-AP-19-25-05           Benefit Eligibility Appeal Process

DSHS-AP-19-25-06           Time Limitations on Employee Requested Leave Adjustments

DSHS-AP-19-25-07           Internal Controls - HRMS Input for Self, Relative, or Household Member.

DSHS-AP-19-25-08           Payroll Procedure on Assault Pay

DSHS-AP-19-25-09           Shared Leave

DSHS-AP-19-25-41           Foster Parent Shared Leave Pool

Chapter 19.40 - Accounting - E-Commerce: Electronic Acceptance and Disbursement of State Funds/Benefits       

DSHS-AP-19-40-30           Gift Cards

Chapter 19.50 - Accounting - Federal Compliance and Grant Accounting 

DSHS-AP-19-50-01A        Time Certification for Positions Charged to a Single Federal Award

DSHS-AP-19-50-01B        Compliance for Positions Charged to Multiple Federal Awards

DSHS-AP-19-50-02           Accounting for Local Match and Cost Sharing Agreements

DSHS-AP-19-50-03           Grant Application Process

DSHS-AP-19-50-30           Subrecipient Monitoring

DSHS-AP-19-50-30-A      Attachment A Sample Risk Assessment Worksheet

DSHS-AP-19-50-30-B       Attachment B Federal Financial Assistance

DSHS-AP-19-50-30-C       Attachment C Subrecipient Reporting

Chapter 19.60 - Accounting – Moving Expenses 

DSHS-AP-19-60-01           Relocation Reimbursement

Chapter 19.65 - Accounting - Financial Services Agreements        

DSHS-AP-19-65-21           DSHS State Grants

Chapter 19.70 - Accounting - Other Administrative Accounting Policies    

DSHS-AP-19-70-10           Coffee and Light Refreshments

DSHS-AP-19-70-11           Meals with Meetings

DSHS-AP-19-70-13           Employee Recognition Awards

DSHS-AP-19-70-14           Employee Awards for Suggestion and Teamwork Incentive Programs (Productivity Awards)

DSHS-AP-19-70-60           Provider Registration for the Social Service Payment System (SSPS)

DSHS-AP-19-70-62           Exception Payment Use

DSHS-AP-19-70-63           Garnishments, Writs, Wage Assignments, Child Support, and Levies for Providers and Vendors

Chapter 19.85 - Accounting - Accounting Procedures      

DSHS-AP-19-85-01           Payments to Other Agencies

DSHS-AP-19-85-02           Use Tax

DSHS-AP-19-85-03           Interagency Receivables

DSHS-AP-19-85-04           Warrants Returned to the Department

DSHS-AP-19-85-06           Reissuing Warrants that are Reported as Lost, Stolen, Destroyed, or Warrants Subject to the Statute of Limitations (SOL)

DSHS-AP-19-85-10           Accounting for Emergencies and Disasters

DSHS-AP-19-85-20           Cash Receipting

DSHS-AP-19-85-22           Local Fund Banking Fees

DSHS-AP-19-85-25           Determination of Revenue and Recovery of Expenditures

DSHS-AP-19-85-32           Signature Authority for Financial Documents

DSHS-AP-19-85-40           Timely Submittal of Claims

DSHS-AP-19-85-41           Belated Claims

DSHS-AP-19-85-54           Audit Overpayments to the Office of Financial Recovery

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