DSHS Headquarters Tribal Liaisons

Aging & Long-Term Support  Administration - ALTSA

Marietta Bobba, Planning and Program Development Manager
Phone: 360.725.2618
Email: Marietta.Bobba@dshs.wa.gov

Behavioral Health Administration - BHA

Zephyr K. Forest, EDIC/BHA Tribal Liaison Manager
Phone: 360.725.3764
E-Mail: foreszk@dshs.wa.gov

Deaf and Hard of Hearing - ODHH

Suzanne Mannella, Program Manager
Phone: 360.915.5816  TTY
E-Mail: Suzanne.Mannella@dshs.wa.gov

Developmental Disabilities Administration - DDA

Justin Chan, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Administrator & Tribal Liaison
Phone: 360.407.1586
E-Mail: ChanJK@dshs.wa.gov

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation - DVR

Cassi Villegas, Tribal Liaison
Phone: 360.725.3693
E-Mail: villecl@dshs.wa.gov

Economic Services Administration - ESA

Brady Rossnagle, Statewide Tribal Relations Administrator
Phone: 360.725.4661
E-Mail: Brady.Rossnagle@dshs.wa.gov

Martin Bohl, Tribal Relations Program Administrator-TANF
Phone: 360.725.4656
E-Mail: Martin.Bohl@dshs.wa.gov

Georgia Payne, DCS Senior Manager of Tribal Relations
Phone: 360.664.5033
E-Mail: Georgia.Payne@dshs.wa.gov

Saundra Cheek, DCS Tribal Relations Program Administrator
Phone: 360.664.5025
E-Mail: Saundra.Cheek@dshs.wa.gov

Chris Franks, DCS Tribal Relations Program Administrator
Phone: 360.664.5031
E-Mail: cefranks@dshs.wa.gov

Rehabilitation Administration - RA

Art Garza, Business / Tribal Relations Administrator
Phone: 509.225.7954
E-Mail: Art.Garza@dshs.wa.gov