Welcome Interns, Volunteers and Service Members

Welcome Interns, Volunteers and Service Members

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The Washington State Department of Social and Human Services welcomes you to a team dedicated to transforming lives.  Hundreds of students from across the country apply each year to take part in this unique opportunity.  Take pride in what you've accomplished thus far.  We are sure that you will play an integral part in shaping our departments and communities.  Our goal is to also transform your lives with key objectives such as professional development and social awareness.  There's no limit to you that you can learn here at DSHS.  We encourage you to ask questions, network across administrations, and support each other.  Success is yours.                              

Additional Resources & Documents  Additional Links
 Nondiscrimination Policy Pamphlet  Hiring Our Heroes
Overtime Pay Requirements of the FLSA  Paid Internship
PEBB Employee Notice of Marketplace Template 2020 For Credit Internships & Volunteers
Your Rights as a Worker  MSW & BASW PRACTICUM
Direct Deposit of Wages Authorization  Internship 2022
Emergency Referral  Internship 2021
Employee Affirmative Action and Demographic Data Form Internship 2020
Employee's Driver Statement of Understanding  
I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification  
New Employee Checklist  
Nondisclosure of Confidential Information  
Notification of Outside Employment  
Personnel Data Profile   
Remote Access Request and Agreement  
W-4 2022  
Unpaid Intern / Volunteer Application  


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Advice From Former Interns

Decide what you can do to help DSHS and those that support your internship.

NETWORK - Build connections through informational interviews.

Trust that who you are brings something valuable to the table.

Share your ideas and respect the wisdom of others.

Get involved and be open to opportunities.

Develop the courage to tell your own story.

Focus on learning as much as you can.

Collaborate with your fellow interns.

Don't be afraid to ask questions.

Make this internship your own.

Find a mentor.

Visit Facilities.


Remember that you are serving real people with real lives.


Administrations Links Divisions
Aging and Long-Term Support Administration Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
Behavioral Health Administration  
Developmental Disabilities Administration  
Economic Services Administration  
Facilities, Finance, and Analytics Administration  
Office of the Secretary  
Office of Indian Policy  


For more information about internship at DSHS, please contact:

Swilley Tami - Statewide Interns and Volunteer Program Administrator: internship@dshs.wa.gov