Spanish Relay


Image Description: Two bubbles in black with text in black, on the left, "ENG", in the right, "ESP", on the bottom has an arrow pointing to "ENG" and "ESP."


Dial 7-1-1 or 1-877-833-6398 Voice/877-833-6399 TTY

Spanish Relay is available for Spanish and English translations involving all of the calling options in Washington State through WATRS services.  Contact Customer Care if you have questions about the Spanish Relay options through WATRS.  

All WATRS connection options are available in Spanish. Bilingual WATRS Communication Assistant (CA) are available to process Spanish-to-Spanish WATRS calls. WATRS calls can be translated between Spanish and English if you and the person you are calling are both within the WA state.

When WATRS calls are made, the CA’s sole function is to facilitate the call. When using a TTY, the person types everything he or she wants to say and the CA reads aloud everything typed. In turn, when the recipient responds, the CA types everything said. The TTY user reads the typed messages on the screen of their TTY. The CA does not comment on the call, answer questions or participate in any way. All calls are strictly confidential. According to law, the CA is prohibited from disclosing conversation data and there are no records or recordings of calls made.

711 is the national access number for Relay Services (same as 411 is for information or 911 is for emergencies). You can dial 711 from any city in the USA to be connected with relay services.

Placing Spanish Calls

  • Using your TTY, dial 711 or the Spanish Voice/TTY dedicated toll-free numbers for WATRS.
  • After the WATRS Communication Assistant (CA) answers and identifies WATRS, type “Spanish PLS GA.”
  • Wait for the WATRS CA to type, “Spanish ON GA” indicating that Spanish Relay has been activated.
  • Pick up the handset and speak to the WATRS CA providing the number of the person you wish to call, and any additional instructions. Say “GA” or “Go Ahead” and immediately place the handset back onto the TTY.
  • The WATRS CA will ask the person you are calling if he/she is familiar with Spanish WATRS. If the person is not, the WATRS CA will explain how Spanish Relay works before the conversation begins.
  • The WATRS CA types the response of the other person for you to read on your TTY screen. When you see “GA,” it is your turn to respond by picking up the handset and speaking to the other person.
  • When you are ready for the other person to respond, say “GA” and place the handset back on the TTY. Turn-taking continues in this manner until the call is complete.