Telecommunication Equipment Distribution (TED) - Frequently Asked Questions

Does my income disqualify me from getting equipment through the TED program?
No. Anyone who meets the qualifications (page 1) may apply for equipment, regardless of income. Your income determines whether or not there will be a cost to you.

Do I have to pay for equipment?
You may receive equipment at a reduced cost or free of charge.  The cost of equipment is determined by a sliding scale. Your family size and income is used to calculate the amount you must pay if any. 

What equipment may I choose from?
Available equipment can change from time to time. See pages 3-6 of the DSHS Form 14-264, “Application for Telecommunication Equipment Form 14-264.” We try to keep the equipment up to date, but as new technology becomes available, we sometimes add new options.  For specific model information, please contact us.  You may select one (1) telecommunication equipment with accessories for that equipment, if available; and one (1) signaling device. 

How do I apply to receive equipment from the Telecommunication Equipment Distribution Program?
You can contact us to request an information and application packet OR download,  print and complete the application form, then send it to us for processing.

I received equipment in the past. May I re-apply for new equipment?
You are eligible to reapply for new equipment after three (3) years only if your current equipment from the TED Program is not working or no longer meets your needs.  If you receive the equipment at no cost, you must return that equipment before we can give you new equipment. You may contact us for more information. 

When will I receive new equipment?
The process to receive equipment can take four (4) to eight(8) weeks once your application is received.Equipment will either be delivered by a trainer or shipped directly to you. There are some devices that require delivery by a trainer. If equipment is delivered to you, a trainer will contact you to schedule a date and time to meet with you and others who may be interested. The trainer will assess your needs; and hook-up the equipment and show you how to use it. If the equipment is being shipped to you, we will send it at the beginning of the next calendar month. There is no charge for delivery and training on the use of TED equipment.