ALTSA Provider/Administrator Letters

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Provider Type(desc) Letter Date Subject Status Notes
AFH 020-043 09/16/2020 COVID-19 Proclamations Extended Through October 1, 2020 Current
AFH 022-022 05/27/2022 Use of Emergency Medical Services by Licensed and Certified Long-Term Care Providers Current
AFH 014-020 11/06/2014 Antipsychotic Drug Use by Vulnerable Adults with Dementia Current
AFH 012-014 08/14/2012 Final Amendments Related to Chapter 388-76 WAC Current
AFH 015-006 04/22/2015 Importance of Paying the Required Annual License Fee Current
AFH 020-038 08/12/2020 Safe Start Recommendations and Requirements for Long-Term Care Settings Current
AFH 022-046 10/07/2022 Epidemic Preparedness and Response Guidelines Current
AFH 015-012 06/16/2015 Assigned RCS Field Managers Current
AFH 017-012 11/22/2017 Proposed Amendments to Chapter 388-76 WAC Current
AFH 021-015 02/26/2021 Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Treatment for COVID-19 Current
AFH 018-016 09/21/2018 Background Check Processing Delays Current
AFH 014-021 11/10/2014 Ebola Information Sharing Current
AFH 012-015 09/17/2012 Influenza and Pneumococcal Immunization Reminders Current
AFH 022-004 01/27/2022 Overpayment Findings Related to timely Negotiated Care Plans Current
AFH 015-007 04/22/2015 Cannabis Guidance Current
AFH 019-004 02/22/2019 Proposed Amendments to Chapter 388-76 WAC (HCBS) Current
AFH 020-028 06/23/2020 Personal Protective Equipment Ordering for Adult Family Homes Current

Amended July 2, 2020

AFH 015-013 06/29/2015 Implementing Federal Home & Community Based Settings (HCBS) Rules Current
AFH 016-008 04/25/2016 Provider Tax Exemption Current
AFH 021-042 07/16/2021 Long-Term Care Proclamations Remain in Effect Current
AFH 021-054 09/28/2021 Implementation of Vaccine Mandate Requirements and Review Current
AFH 014-022 11/17/2014 CR 102 Filed: Formal Phase of Proposed Amendments to Chapter 388-76 WAC Current
AFH 012-016 09/24/2012 Reasonable Accommodation and Non-Discrimination for Service Animals Current
AFH 020-021 05/05/2020 Temporary Medicaid Rate Increase Current
AFH 021-004 01/28/2021 Process to Request Emergency Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) During a Shortage Current