ALTSA Provider/Administrator Letters

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Provider Type Letter Date Subject Status(desc) Notes
NH 023-003 01/20/2023 Tenth CR-103E Extension Filed for Emergency Rules Amending or Suspending Some Nursing Home Requirements Related to PASRR Current
NH 020-053 08/04/2020 COVID-19 Proclamations Extended until September 1, 2020 Current
ALF 021-059 10/28/2021 Nursing Facility COVID Units Current
ICFIID 024-009 04/02/2024 NAC and HCA Credentialing Backlogs Current
ICFIID 017-004 04/06/2017 S&C 17-22-ALL: Save the Date Emergency Management Conference Call Current
AFH 021-031 06/16/2021 Discontinuation of Rapid Response Team Current
ESF 020-049 12/02/2020 Proclamation 20-25.8: LTC Visitation Standards & Fitness Facilities Current

Amended 1/4/2021

ALF 016-012 08/05/2016 Tuberculosis Testing Update Current
AFH 013-020 11/19/2013 Launch of Housing Locator Free Online Service Current
ICFIID 023-010 06/08/2023 Precautions for Residents and Staff Related to Heatwave Current
ALF 014-010 09/22/2014 Flu & Pneumonia Immunization Reminder Current
NH 018-008 04/13/2018 Clarification: RN Hours for Meeting 24 Hour RN Staffing Requirement Current
ESF 018-012 10/12/2018 Background Check Citations & Processing Delays Current
AFH 022-026 06/24/2022 New DOH Long-Term Care Visitation Resources Current
ICFIID 022-021 09/28/2022 Emergency Health Practitioner Volunteer Program Ends When the State of Emergency Ends on October 31, 2022 Current
ALF 020-026 05/26/2020 Recommendations for Resident Window Visits During COVID-10 Outbreak Current
NH 015-019 05/12/2015 Reporting Non-Consensual Sexual Contact Current
ALF 021-050 09/03/2021 Correction Regarding LTC Setting Requirements Under Governor Proclamation 21-14, COVID Vaccination Requirements Current
AFH 024-004 02/08/2024 Death with Dignity Medications Current
ALF 021-021 04/23/2021 Visual Aid for Understanding LTC Facility Visits Under the Safe Start Plan Current
ALF 020-051 10/28/2020 Flu Vaccine Now Available to Uninsured Adults at No Cost Current
NH 019-029 12/13/2019 Nursing Assistant Testing Process Change Current
AFH 016-003 01/13/2016 Continuing Education (CE) Certificates Current
NH 012-008 07/20/2012 Physicians Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST) Current
ALF 021-006 02/05/2021 Certificates of Parental Improvement and Background Checks Current