ALTSA Provider/Administrator Letters

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Provider Type Letter Date Subject Status(desc) Notes
NH 014-011 08/13/2014 Handling of E. WA Wildfires & Emergency Preparedness Planning Reminder Current
ALF 021-034 06/25/2021 LTC Facilities to Follow Safe Start Plans Beyond June 30, 2021 Current
AFH 024-001 01/16/2024 Precautions for Residents and Staff for Extreme Cold Weather Conditions Current
ESF 018-008 08/23/2018 CR 101 Filed to Propose Adding and Amending Sections to Chapter 388-107 WAC (TB Screening) Current
NH 020-061 08/28/2020 QSO-20-35-ALL - Enforcement Cases Held During the Prioritization Period & Revised Survey Prioritization Current
ESF 021-007 02/10/2021 Interim Recommendations for Co-administration of COVID-19 Vaccine and Tuberculosis Testing Products Current
NH 022-038 06/23/2022 Emergency Preparedness: Reminder About Maximum Temperatures in Nursing Home Settings Current
ICFIID 017-002 02/22/2017 CDC Guidance for Water Management Plans Current
NH 013-018 09/26/2013 Revisions to RAI User's Manual Current
ALF 019-006 03/15/2019 Vulnerable Adult Statement of Rights Current
ICFIID 015-008 08/25/2015 CR 101 Filed: Proposed Amendments to Chapter 388-111 WAC Current
CCRSS 021-044 09/03/2021 Governor Proclamation on Mandatory Vaccination Current
NH 020-086 11/13/2020 Admission Incentive: Hospital Discharges to Nursing Homes Current
NH 020-018 04/09/2020 Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioner (Chapter 70.15 RCW) Current
AFH 022-045 09/29/2022 Residential Care Services Long-Term Care Quality Improvement Program Current
AFH 014-014 09/29/2014 Background Check Central Unit Form Changes Current
AFH 023-025 06/22/2023 CR 103P (Permanent Rule) Filed Amending AFH Minimum Licensing Requirements Current
AFH 018-002 04/06/2018 Chapter 388-112A WAC Current
ESF 020-002 02/11/2020 Preventing Transmission of Hepatitis A Virus (HAV) Current
ICFIID 020-056 12/18/2020 QSO-21-07 ICF/IID COVID 19 INFECTION CONTROL Current
CCRSS 021-059 12/03/2021 CR-102 Filed to Propose Amendments to WAC 388-101-3000, Definitions, and -3020, Compliance (2SHB 1651) Current
AFH 022-012 03/18/2022 Secretary of Health Order 20-03.8, Face Coverings - Statewide, Effective March 12, 2022 Current

Amended April 1, 2022

AFH 020-033 07/27/2020 Investigation and Referral Process for Allegations Unrelated to Physical or Sexual Abuse Current
ESF 016-008 07/20/2016 Emergency Evacuation Current
ALF 023-010 03/24/2023 Storage and Usage of Resident Supplies and Equipment Regardless of Funding Source Current