ALTSA Provider/Administrator Letters

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Provider Type Letter Date Subject Status(desc) Notes
ESF 021-002 01/28/2021 Safe Start for LTC Recommendations and Requirements: Updates and Webinar Current
NH 021-059 08/06/2021 QSO-21-20-NH Removal of S&C 17-37-NH from CMS Guidance Repository Current
ALF 023-026 11/03/2023 Withdrew and Refiled CR-101 to Propose Adding, Amending, or Repealing Sections of Chapter 388-76 WAC, Chapter 388-78A WAC, Chapter 388-107 WAC and Chapter 388-97 WAC Specific to Background Checks Current
NH 012-001 02/07/2012 S&C 12-09: Federal Requirements for the Independent Informal Dispute Resolution (IIDR) Process Current
ALF 014-012 09/29/2014 Background Check Central Unit Form Changes Current
NH 018-009 04/13/2018 Specialized Infection Prevention & Control Training Current
NH 015-035 12/08/2015 24 Hour RN Requirement in Nursing Homes Current
CCRSS 020-038 10/23/2020 Pharmacy Partnership for LTC Program for COVID-19 Vaccination Current
NH 023-002 01/12/2023 Introducing the Business Operations and Analysis Unit Current
AFH 024-013 04/02/2024 Implementation of Passed Legislation SHB 2015: Incentivizing AFHs to Increase Bed Capacity to Seven or Eight Beds Current
AFH 015-009 05/12/2015 Reporting Non-Consensual Sexual Contact Current
ESF 019-001 01/04/2019 CARE Assessment Changes: Medication Documentation Current
AFH 020-011 04/21/2020 Revised Processes: Personal Protective Equipment Ordering and COVID-19 Testing Current

Revised 04-21-2020

NH 021-083 10/19/2021 Critical Staffing Management in LTC Settings Current
ESF 022-019 06/10/2022 Alternatives to Temporary Barriers Used to Separate COVID Areas in LTC Settings Current
ICFIID 016-007 09/28/2016 S&C 16-33: Emergency Preparedness Requirements Conference Call Current
ICFIID 020-051 12/08/2020 COVID Only Facilities Current
CCRSS 021-028 06/17/2021 Expiration of Eviction Moratorium Current
NH 023-025 06/08/2023 Emergency Preparedness: Reminder About Maximum Temperatures in Nursing Home Settings Current
ALF 017-012 09/15/2017 Notice Requirements for New Charges Current
NH 019-031 12/18/2019 Personal Care Services Client Survey Current
ICFIID 020-021 06/16/2020 COVID 19: Reopening of Washington State and Client Visits to the Community Current

Amended 01/11/2021

CCRSS 020-031 08/28/2020 Introducing the CCRSS State Civil Penalty Reinvestment Program Current
ALF 021-007 02/10/2021 Interim Recommendations for Co-administration of COVID-19 Vaccine and Tuberculosis Testing Products Current
AFH 024-002 01/18/2024 AFH Application Notice Current