ALTSA Provider/Administrator Letters

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Provider Type Letter Date Subject Status(asc) Notes
ICFIID 020-008 04/03/2020 QSO 20-23-ICF/IID & PRTF – Limiting the Transmission of COVID-19 Current
ALF 022-020 06/10/2022 Alternatives to Temporary Barriers Used to Separate COVID Areas in LTC Settings Current
AFH 020-039 08/13/2020 Eviction Moratorium During COVID-19 Outbreak Current
ICFIID 017-008 07/07/2017 ICF/IID Licensed as ALF – Background Check System (BCS) Project Current
NH 024-019 04/11/2024 CMS Released QSO-24-08-NH, Enhanced Barrier Precautions in Nursing Homes Current
AFH 016-004 01/13/2016 CR 103 Filed: Final Amendments to Chapter 388-76 WAC Current
NH 012-017 12/31/2012 S&C 12-09: Federal Requirements for the Independent Informal Dispute Resolution (IIDR) Process Current
AFH 021-035 06/28/2021 Precautions for Residents and Staff Related to Heatwave Current
ALF 021-061 11/05/2021 Respirator Fit Testing and Respiratory Protection Program Resource Current
ALF 020-028 06/16/2020 COVID-19: Reopening of Washington State and Resident Visits to the Community Current

Amended 01/11/2021

ESF 023-006 03/03/2023 Emergency Rules Filed to Amend Long-Term Care Worker Continuing Education Deadlines Current
ICFIID 020-043 11/13/2020 COVID- 19 Testing of Residential Care Services Staff Current
AFH 018-009 06/11/2018 Behavioral Health Training Survey Current
AFH 021-006 02/01/2021 COVID-19 Vaccination Information Current
ICFIID 014-011 11/10/2014 Ebola Information Sharing Current
AFH 019-005 03/08/2019 Emergency Evacuation Drills – Refusal to Participate Current
CCRSS 022-006 03/04/2022 CR-103P (Permanent Rule) Filed to Amend WAC 388-101-3000, Definitions and 388-101-3020, Compliance Current
CCRSS 024-002 02/08/2024 Infection Prevention Control and Emergency Preparedness Contacts and Roles Current
ESF 024-016 05/10/2024 Emergency Preparedness Considerations for Extreme Heat Current
NH 015-026 07/27/2015 CR 101 Filed to Propose Adding & Amending Sections to Chapter 388-97 WAC Current
ALF 020-006 02/11/2020 Preventing Transmission of Hepatitis A Virus (HAV) Current
CCRSS 021-021 05/05/2021 Visitation and Other Safe Start Plan Updates – COVID 19 Current
ESF 021-045 09/03/2021 Resident Rosters, Aggregated Contact Info, Communication, Resident Representative and Essential Support Persons Current

Amended September 17, 2021

NH 020-022 04/16/2020 CMS/CDC Infection Control Guidance, Additional Blanket Waivers, COVID-19 Transfer/Discharge & Proclamation 20-44 Current
AFH 022-029 07/08/2022 Proposed Amendments to Chapters 388-76, 388-78A, 388-97, and 388-107 to Reinstate Inspection Schedules Current