ALTSA Provider/Administrator Letters

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Provider Type Letter(asc) Date Subject Status Notes
NH 015-027 07/27/2015 S&C 15-47-NH: Medication Related Adverse Events Current
NH 015-026 07/27/2015 CR 101 Filed to Propose Adding & Amending Sections to Chapter 388-97 WAC Current
NH 015-025 07/23/2015 Character, Competency & Suitability (CCS) Determination Form Current
NH 015-024 07/02/2015 Protection of Resident Funds Current
NH 015-023 06/22/2015 CR 102 Filed: Amendments to Chapter 388-97 WAC Current
NH 015-022 06/16/2015 Assigned RCS Field Managers Current
NH 015-020 05/27/2015 Nursing Home QAPI Initiatives FAQ Current
NH 015-019 05/12/2015 Reporting Non-Consensual Sexual Contact Current
NH 015-018 05/18/2015 S&C 15-36: Requesting an Appeal with the Departmental Appeals Board (DAB) Current
NH 015-017 05/18/2015 Updated Pre-Admission Screening & Resident Review (PASRR) Form Current
NH 015-016 05/02/2015 The Health Home Program & Resident Access to Health Home Care Coordinators Current
NH 015-015 04/22/2015 S&C 15-35 Collection of Staffing Data for LTC Facilities Current
NH 015-014 04/22/2015 Cannabis (Marijuana) Guidance Current
NH 015-012 04/20/2015 Information Required When Informing RCS of New Administrator Current
NH 015-010 03/30/2015 CR-101 Filed Amending Sections to Chapter 388-97 WAC Current
NH 015-009 03/20/2015 Submitting Confidential Fax Number Change Requests Current
NH 015-008 03/17/2015 Nursing Assistant Registry Inquiry Form Current
NH 015-007 03/11/2015 S&C 15-26: NH Compare 3.0 Five Star Quality Rating System Expanded & Strengthened Current
NH 015-006 02/18/2015 RCS Provider Forums Current
NH 015-005 02/12/2015 Mandated Reporting Requirements for Facility Staff Current
NH 015-004 02/12/2015 Clarification of Terms Implicating the Spousal Relationship in Regulations & Guidance for Medicare & Medicaid Certified Providers and Suppliers Current
NH 015-003 02/12/2015 Advanced Revisions to Interpretive Guidance at F155: CPR Current
NH 015-001 01/28/2015 S&C 15-06: Nationwide Expansion of Minimum Data Set (MDS) Focused Survey Current
NH 014-024 11/10/2014 Ebola Information Sharing Current