SITE Industries

Seeking Independence Through Employment

We help participants help themselves.

SITE Industries is an interactive therapeutic vocational day training program. Clients and staff work together to create a therapeutic environment for positive change.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower individuals with learning and mental disabilities by providing opportunities for improving life skills. We focus on self-worth and positive motivation to enhance the skills needed for each individual client to be successful in life. Our program is guided by a proactive client centered approach to individualized treatment helping to bring about positive change for all the client we serve. 

Primary Foundation

The primary foundation of SITE program is Habilitation, the process of teaching clients new ways of interacting with the world around them by enhancing developmental skills and abilities.  Habilitation can include cognitive, social, fine motor, gross motor, activities of daily living, self-management or other skills that contribute to overall functioning and improving a person’s quality of life.

Program Focus

Through the use of positive behavior support principles we provide group and practicum activities that focus on the needs of each client as they grow within the program. Our foundation includes working with clients to improve Skills such as communication, team work, understanding boundaries, anger management, personal responsibility, basic education, social skills, goal setting and achievement along with community integration. These curriculums form the foundation for group discussions and allow participants to specifically focus on individual goal areas that are rehearsed and reinforced situationally in therapeutic vocational day training settings.

Current Activities

SITE program currently has five programs up and running, all of which provide a service for Western State Hospital. During day training at Site program individuals have the opportunity gain the valuable skills needed to provide services in areas such as industrial recycling, Grounds maintenance, industrial laundry service, wood working, concrete masonry, coffee shop operations, auto detailing, delivery and sales. SITE program is unique in that we provide a real and needed service for Western State Hospital.


The therapeutic vocational day training setting provides a unique real time opportunity for clients to interact with others. SITE program provides interactions in an environment clients may experience or encounter upon return to community living. The vocational setting provides real opportunities for practice sessions to occur within a natural flow. The vocational setting provides participant's frequent opportunities to utilize, rehearse, and reinforce positive social, behavioral, and self-management skills during interaction with others. This ever evolving environment and positive motivated staff help Clients develop a positive sense of self along with essential social and vocational skills while providing valuable services for the hospital.