WSH -- Chaplaincy Services


  • Chaplaincy Services  provides pastoral care for patients and staff with an ecumenical approach.
  • The chaplains come from a Protestant and Catholic tradition.
  • Community Faith Leaders may visit patients who have an established relationship upon request.
  • Additionally, Spiritual literature is available to patients of various faith backgrounds.
  • All patients and staff can participate and or benefit from this program and its service.


The Chaplaincy Program provides patients and staff opportunities for religious and faith based resources. This seeks to provide spiritual and faith support during the hospitalization to ease the patients’ stay with a positive treatment outcome.

Current Activities:

  • Both interfaith and Catholic services are offered on Sundays and major religious Holy Days at three different times and locations. 
  • Memorial services are offered upon request from the unit coordinator.
  • Both patients and staff may seek pastoral counsel by phone, ward or at the Chapel. 

Treatment and Therapy:

  • Both Interfaith and Catholic religious services are offered, including memorial services and  services on religious Holy Days.
  • Many sacramental needs of patients and staff are provided for at WSH.
  • The Spiritual needs of patients and staff are ministered to by the chaplains.

Faith Community Partnerships:

  • The Chaplains serve as the liaison to community faith and religious leaders. This helps to assure continuity of care. 
  • Clergy and Spiritual Leaders may visit during visiting hours when arranged by Ward Therapist/Social Worker.
  • Clergy/Spiritual Leaders may also contact the Chaplaincy Office:
    582-8900 (Ext. 2509) for a Clergy Pass.

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