WSH -- Greenhouse

Horticulture Program

The Greenhouse and Horticulture Program affords the opportunity for patients to practice recovery skills through knowledge and appreciation of plants for educational, environmental, and aesthetic purposes.


  • Helps patients manage and cope with symptoms of their psychiatric condition
  • They learn skills that transfer into community living
  • Enhanced self-esteem and social growth
  • Reduces stress and alleviates depression

Current Activities and Efforts:

  • Provision of care and maintenance to tropical plants, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and greenhouse grounds.
  • Learn propagation of plants and vegetation
  • Composting
  • Participate in the construction of raised beds and other supportive devices for plant development
  • Participate in plant sales

Treatment and Therapy:

  • Treatment and therapeutic practice that uses plants and gardens as a tool for health, healing, recovery, and wellness.
  • The WSH Greenhouse provides plants for memorial services, campus conferences, luncheons, and aesthetics for some parts of our campus.

Community Partnerships:

  • The WSH Horticulture program consults and works with local nurseries, greenhouse businesses, horticulture, and urban gardening programs throughout the area.