WSH -- Volunteer Services


Western State Hospital Volunteer Services is a resource for holiday gifts, birthday gifts, and ward bingo prizes.  The hospital has no budget for patient gifts, we rely on the generosity of donors to provide items and funds to provide holiday and birthday gifts. For a list of gifts which can be utilized by patients, please call Laurel Lemke at: 253-761-7533, or email her at

Individuals who are interested in internships, practicums or job shadowing experiences should directly contact the discipline or department in which they want to gain experience.


  • To provide increased resources and enrichment for the Western State Hospital Community and provide a bridge for volunteer services by community volunteers, agencies, and businesses.
  • To provide meaningful opportunities to volunteer at Western State Hospital in both patient and non-contact areas (e.g, offices). Point of contact to receive donate gifts and supplies for patient programs.

Current Efforts:

  • Recruit and assign volunteers to meaningful ongoing assignments under the supervision of Western State Hospital Staff
  • Recruit volunteers for special events, such as musicians and guest speakers
  • Development and management of the holiday fund.
  • Receive and provide receipts for  donations of items and funds for the benefit of patients and programming at Western State Hospital
  • Manage storage and distribution of donated goods

We invite community participation in the establishment of a nonprofit group.

Contact Us:

Applications and Donations:
Laurel Lemke, Director of Consumer Affairs 253-761-7533,

Placement and Outreach:
Laurel Lemke, Director of Consumer Affairs 253-761-7533,