Community Rehabilitation Programs Contracts

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NEW! CRP/IL Contract Training

*This training is not mandatory. It is intended to assist you in understanding your contract* 

General overview of 2020 contract including each service. Specific trainings regarding each service to come!

CRP-IL Contract Overview

Job Placement Services

Job Retention


2020 Sample CRP-IL Contract for Training (PDF)

Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRP/IL) Contracts – 

DVR may purchase vocational services from Community Rehabilitation Programs - CRPs through Client Service contracts to provide rehabilitation services to maximize our customers’ ability to seek and maintain employment. The CRP contracts typically begin July 1 for a two-year term ending June 30.

CRP Client Service contracts are uniformly defined statewide and include:

  • Services
  • Expected outcomes of services
  • Outcome based fee payments

Potential Contractors are required to complete a Request for Qualifications - RFQ to receive a DVR CRP contract. The RFQ indicates the requirements a Contractor must meet to be granted a contract.

Potential contractors who have never had a DVR CRP contract are granted a two-year period to meet additional requirements for subsequent CRP contracts. Depending on the contracted service(s) additional requirements may include:

  • CVE certification
  • CRC certification
  • CARF
  • RSAS
  • Licensed in Employment Services by the Department of Health
  • State Certified by the Department of Health as a Mental Health Clubhouse
  • Proof that your organization has completed the International Center for Clubhouse Development - ICCD Basic Clubhouse Training Program
  • For Individual Providers (Job Placement, Job Retention and Intensive Training Services only):
    • ACRE Certificate of Achievement in Employment Services
    • Certified Employment Support Professional (CESP)

IL Contractors must provide a resume and educational transcripts for each staff person seeking to provide IL services under the DVR CRP/IL contract.

Requesting to Contract Outside of Open Enrollment

Contractors who wish to request to initiate a contract outside of the CRP/IL Contract open enrollment will find more information here: Open Enrollment Exception Process (PDF)

Washington State DVR CRP Training

Thirteen courses developed for DVR by the WISE Learning Center of the Washington Initiative for Supported Employment are directed as core training for CRPs. They are available on our DVR Supported Employment Training page.  This training is not required for contractors who only provide Independent Living (IL) services.

The following CRP Staff are required to take the training:

  • The Contractor’s current direct client service providers and program staff shall complete all 13 courses within 12 months of the contract start date, if they have not previously taken it; and
  • Newly hired employees are required to complete all 13 courses within 90 days of the employee’s hire date

The agency is responsible for verifying their employee has completed the required training.

If you have technical difficulties and need assistance with this training site, please contact your IT Helpdesk. 


CRP-IL Fee Schedule- Effective 11/1/2020 (PDF)

CRP-IL Guidelines and FAQs (Updated January 2022) (PDF)

Service Delivery Outcome Reports (SDOR)

Service Delivery Outcome Report (Community Rehabilitation Program-CRP)

Independent Living Service Delivery Outcome Report (Word)

CRP/IL Lists

Current list of CRP Contractors by county (PDF) 

Current list of IL Contractors by county (PDF) 

Other helpful documents

Agreement on Nondisclosure of Confidential Information – Non Employee (PDF)

Contractor Update (PDF)

2020 Sample CRP-IL Contract for Training (PDF)

2020 Solicitation Documents for Historical Reference

Announcing Open Enrollment Phase 2 for CRP-IL Vendors (PDF) 

Current vendors must apply if they wish to continue contracting with DVR.                    
Enrollment for Phase 2 Opens: July 8, 2020
Enrollment Closes: August 7, 2020
Solicitation #2020-0001, Phase 2

Fillable Exhibits for Solicitation #2020-0001

Exhibit A Applicant Checklist (PDF)

Exhibit B Applicant Certification and Assurances Form (DSHS 11-163) (Word)

Exhibit C Contractor Intake Form (DSHS 27-043) (Word)

Exhibit D Additional Contractor Information Form (DSHS 27-175) (Word)

Exhibit E Statewide Payee Registration & W-9 (PDF)

Exhibit F Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice (DSHS 05-252) (Word)

Exhibit G DSHS BCS Access Request Form (DSHS 17-253) (Word)

Exhibit H Contractor Designated Contacts Form (DSHS 17-266) (Word)

Exhibit I CRP Services and Qualifications Form (DSHS 11-164) (Word)

Exhibit J IL Services & Qualifications Form (Word)

Exhibit K Employees Approved to Provide IL Services (DSHS 11-166) (Word)

Exhibit L, CRP-IL Fee Schedule (effective 11/1/2020) (PDF)

Exhibit M Bidder QA (PDF)