DVR Supported Employment Training

Thirteen courses developed for DVR by the Washington Initiative for Supported Employment are required as core training for all CRP direct client service providers and program staff. Newly hired shall complete all 13 courses within 90 days of the employee’s hire date.

Certificates of completion for each training module shall be retained in the employee’s personnel file and be made available to DVR upon request. It is the responsibility of the CRP Employer to provide certificates of completion once all trainings have been executed.

To view the CRP Training Modules there are two options available.  The first option, is to click on the PowerPoint Presentation or the second option, is to click on the PDF Transcript for each CRP Module.

To take the training go to the modules below.  The links are defined as follows:

  1. Presentation: opens the training presentation with audio. 
  2. PDF Transcript: the same presentation with text below each slide.  This text is the actual audio spoken by the presenters.  DVR apologizes that we currently do not have close captioning within the presentation. 
  3. Resource Links:  Links to additional resources pertaining to a particular modules topic


1. Business Perspective

2. Collaborative Negotiation

3.  Customer Right

4. DD Services 1

5. DD Services 2

6. History of DD Services

7. History Mental Health

8. Mental Illness 1

9. Mental Illness 2

10. Service Delivery Outcomes

11. Collaborating

12. Importance of Benefits Planning

13. Transition From School to Work