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Emergency Panning Information:

Due to the extreme weather experienced throughout the region on Tuesday, November 17, 2015, a number of households, businesses and community resource partners in the Spokane area have lost power. Please see the Emergency Planning Information (en espanol) packet for information about shelters, hotlines, and transportation. 

Emergency Food Assistance:

Current DSHS Clients:  If you currently receive SNAP/Basic Food benefits and your food has been destroyed in a household disaster or misfortune, your food benefits can be replaced. Federal rules limit the replacement to  the value of food lost up to the amount of the household’s monthly benefits. To request replacement benefits, please call DSHS at 1-877-501-2233. You must report the loss within 10 days in order for DSHS to replace your benefits.

New Clients: If you do not currently receive SNAP/Basic Food benefits and think you may be eligible, you may apply for benefits under current SNAP/Basic Food program rules. Individuals and families who have gross income before taxes or withholding of up to 200 percent of the federal poverty guidelines may be eligible for benefits. To apply for Basic Food from any computer with internet access, go to You can also apply for benefits at your local Community Services Office or call 1-877-501-2233.

Food Banks: If you need additional help with emergency food, find your nearest food bank or call 211. 

What We Do

We transform lives by empowering individuals and families to thrive.  We serve many clients who live on the margin.  Although most are not receiving a cash grant, they may be relying on food assistance, work-related support services, assistance with child support, medical coverage, or child care subsidies.  A family crisis or change in the economy, even a small one, can force these families into situations requiring assistance, whether it’s the full support of a cash grant, help with child support, or temporary assistance to avoid losing housing.

Washington Connection offers you a way to find and apply for a variety of services and assistance online.  By entering in basic household information, Washington Connection will let you know what programs or services you or your family may be qualified to receive from various State, Federal or Local sources.